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    i’ve googled this to no avail! hoping this forum will help…

    i use email to post on to the wordpress blog, but, i have an issue creating web links as part of the sent e-mail text.

    i tried html code i use on websites to create this functionailty but the post simply appears on the blog as the written code in the e-mail; presume that wordpress doesn’t understand html in e-mails.

    the website address i want to add in the post, sent by e-mail, (rather than having to log into the wordpress log to edit the link) is:
    But, I want it to appear as ‘A Call To Men’ (as the title) which in links to the web address? exactly as if i’d done it via the dashboard and edit post.

    so, is it possible to add certain code to an e-mail to make a web link appear in a blog as part of a story

    the e-mail i sent is:
    A Call To Men (UK) has launched its brand new website.

    Jo Berry and the Freedom Shropshire Team

    but the post appeared exactly as above…

    hope this makes sense: any thoughts?



    The blog I need help with is

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