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email posting

  1. I'd like some help - links, advice, anything - to find a way to post via email.

    Not rocket science I know, just something I haven;t got my head around yet. Ideally like to send a picture attachment to flickr and get the email text posted up withe the picture...

    Sorry if this an an obvious one.. :)

  2. this is an unnecessary post as matt had clearly answered this question posed by someone else in the other thread with the same heading as this

  3. mrblake there is a FAQ entry on posting via email. You can post your pictures to by emailing them to flickr.

    The FAQ entry on Flickr posting

  4. sorry sulz, I just didn't see the other thread. Actually it wasn't that unnecesary as andy helpfully answered my question. Thanks andy!

    [admin: feel free to delete this thread if u need be!]


  5. pls don't apologise to me, i'm just pointing it out. good for you that you got a satisfactory answer to your query.

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