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Email program options?

  1. handfullofblessings

    I am looking for other options for our email programs - we have multiple email addresses that we need to manage from one program, as in being able to send/receive from multiple address/domains - what is the best option?
    We are currently using an old version of Outlook Express.
    I have heard some good about Thunderbird, is this a good option? Anyone else using it and love it or hate it?

    thanks! Jen

  2. Hi.
    I have not used Thunderbird in several years, but IMHO it was a nice safe and not hard to use, It uses drag and drop, which I like..
    Yes you can send E-mails from any e-mail address that has an account in the client.

    Here is a list of desktop E-mail clients and the prices:

  3. I highly recommend thunderbird!

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