Email settings…help needed please.

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    I’m really not very tech minded so hoping someone can help me please.

    I have a site, hosted by wordpress. It’s my own domain that somehow I managed to map to it. The domain was purchased through 123.reg so I have paid extra to them to have a custom email address. It’s set up and works for outgoing mail but not incoming. I presume there’s something in the settings that I need to change but I’m terrified of messing up the settings for my site.

    if anyone has any idea what I need to check or change and is able to explain in simple steps I would be so grateful!

    Thanks, Sarah

    The blog I need help with is


    Member does not offer an email service for domains. Please see here to add email >


    Sorry for my ignorance but does this mean I can’t use the email address I’ve paid 123.reg to use?
    I’m not bothered about what I’ve paid, just need to find a way to set up a custom email address.

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