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    I have moved my newsletter to WordPress and have individuals subscribing to the blog to receive my newsletter posts. I have two questions: (1) I have prior newsletters saved on my computer in MS word format. Is there a way for me to post these historical newsletters without bombarding the subscribers – essentially moving the newsletters (historical ones) without sending an email notification? (2) If I create another tab and post information, does the email subscription list get notified or is it only limited to the home page?

    Thank you for any thoughts on this.

    The blog I need help with is



    Answer to your first question is NO. Once someone subscribes to your blog, you cannot stop email from going out if you make a blog post even if you back date a post. As far as question number 2 is concerned, I believe only blog posts generate emails. By making a page (you’re calling it a tab, it is actually a page), your subscribers won’t be notified (someone else can confirm this here).



    2) you can only post to one place, and that is the blog itself. Many THOUSANDS of people think you can post to multiple tabs and not have those posts go on the main blog page, but at that isn’t true.

    If you create a static page, no alerts will go out because they sit outside the blog structure and do not have their own RSS feed.


    Thank you arifsali and raincoaster.

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