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    Moving email subscribers from my ( site to my new site? I am told I need to get special permission to do this?
    Blog url:



    I’ll be glad to transfer your subscribers for you.

    Just to confirm, would you like your followers moved from to

    I checked but it doesn’t look like there’s a site set up there. In your new site, I see your path as

    Since Jetpack ties a site’s data to a single URL, before we transfer your subscribers, I’d suggest you tweak your self-hosted site’s settings so they reference your domain name instead of the IP address.

    Just let me know whenever that’s done.



    Hi Kathryn,

    Thanks so much for your help!
    Yes from to It’s only 34 subscribers – 31 email, 3 followers. Not a lot but I don’t want to lose them.
    Sorry it took a little longer for my domain to be redirected to my new host. Should be all good now. So if I could have my subscribers transferred that would be great!




    Hi Sarah, before I go ahead – I checked your source code and your file paths are still referencing the IP address instead of your domain. For example:

    instead of:

    I suggest you get this changed first, and then disconnecting and reconnecting Jetpack so it starts fresh with your domain name.

    Let me know how it goes.



    We are going to be moving our blog from WordPress to be hosted on our own website in a few months. Is it possible to transfer our email and RSS subscribers? We’re sad to leave WordPress, but there is an organizational desire to host our own site.



    childfund – we can transfer email subscribers to a self-hosted site running Jetpack.

    If you have your own domain, your RSS feed shouldn’t normally move.

    Please start a new thread if you have further questions, thanks.

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