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email subscription

  1. hey well i was trying to put an email subscription on my blog, i liked the one from, i was trying to us the one from zookoda but noticed it was javascript, but the one from yutter is html, but i still cant get it work, it only shows a blank page not the box or link, wat do i do, or wat email subscriber can i use???

  2. It's probably a form. I don't see a sample on their site so I can't tell you for sure. Forums are stripped for security concerns.

  3. ohh ok, do you know of any site were i can put some sort of box so people can write their emails and subscribe to my blog. right now i am using feedblitz, but only as a link where people click and go to another site to subscribe to mine.

  4. Not really. There are methods of doing it with a WordPress blog hosted elsewhere but since we share the code between all fo teh users here, adding something like a script to do a form would be a security risk for all of them.

  5. I use FeedBlitz for offering text subscriptions, and text widget to offer the FeedBlitz link to my readers.

    It's pretty good.

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