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    Hi! I’m new to this creating a website thing and recently added the email subscription tab to my sidebar. Although, how can I find the list of people who subscribed to this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    People who have accounts who use the widget to sign up for email notifications will appear at My Site ->People ->Followers, along with users who are simply following you in the Reader. We don’t show which followers are also subscribed to email, and we don’t reveal their email addresses to you, only their usernames.

    For people who don’t have accounts and follow your site only via email, you’ll see a list at My Site ->People ->Email Followers.



    Hi! Thank you so much for your fast response. Although, I’m unable to find the ‘people’ and ‘followers’ part. I know that more than 1 person has subscribed so I’m not sure why it is saying only one has in widgets.



    Also, once I do find these people who have subscribed to my email. How do I go about sending them one? I did install MailChimp as well.

    Thanks again.



    Ah, the Mailchimp subscriber list will be different. You’ll work with Mailchimp to send that.

    I can see some site followers here:

    Those followers will see your site in the reader, and will most likely get some notification of new posts, too, just depending on their settings.

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