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    I have another problem to add – I’ve received emails today about new subscribers, yet they are not showing on my list of subscribers nor is the number of subscribers rising accordingly in my Dashboard.



    *sigh* My wordpress blog just received some attention on, and I wrote a post welcoming all the new readers I was getting. In my post, I provided instructions on how to subscribe to the blog via email.

    Now, with these (unannounced?) changes, my instructions are completely incorrect and confusing to new readers.

    I’ve looked at my blog both while logged in and while logged out of my wordpress account, and I just see the “follow” button. There’s no indication that this is going to send me the post via email until I hit the “follow” button (while logged out of my wordpress account) and get more info about signing up. While logged into my wordpress account, there’s no indication.

    Even worse, I tried to change the header from “Follow Blog” back to “Email Subscription” like it used to be, and it won’t let me do that. Instead, it seems to think I meant to type “Follow Blog” instead and reverts it to that when I save it. It will let me change it to something else, but not the old “Email Subscription,” that makes more sense. I was able to go in and change the option so it won’t show my subscriber count.

    This is very confusing, both to me and to my readers.

    Please give us the option to have it behave the way it used to, the way we are familiar with it behaving, the way our readers are used to it behaving. Adding the “follow” functionality is fine, but doing so at the expense of completely breaking something that has been working great forever is ridiculous.



    @teamoyeniyi, I subscribed your blog to check if the number of subscribers show up or not (they don’t), then I unsubscribed.

    I think the number of subscribers show up for users who are not logged in to the This doesn’t seem like a useful idea.


    Damn right I’m upset about this.

    My subscribe via email button handed out virtual cake before, now it doesn’t hand out anything except some silly plus sign button.

    Bad mistake wordpress, because followers (as has been said before) are not the same as subscribers.


    One of my blogs got a lot of attention yesterday, and I was puzzled as to why I didn’t get an email signup or two… until I saw that stupid follow button.

    Obviously, WordPress does not care enough about its users to even respond to all of these comments. Time to switch to a new blog platform?


    WordPress – your silence is starting to irritate! If this change is to stay – then at least allow us to edit the text on the ‘Follow’ button e.g. make it a little bigger and change it to ‘SIGN ME UP!’



    Agreed, this is an unnecessary and poor change and the silence from any WordPress support folks is quite frustrating. Hopefully they are all very busy correcting this and setting things back to the way they were.


    Not a good idea, the Follow button. For those who pay for the sites on WordPress, we’re now paying for something different, which won’t increase loyal visitors. I know I “follow” blogs through Blogger and I don’t have any inclination to read their posts because there’s nothing to remind me that they exist.

    What now happens to the previous subscribers? Are they out of the loop? At least educate those loyal WordPress bloggers what this means, WordPress. I’ve recommended several people who have joined the blogging community here and
    the change has me rethinking referrals.


    As usual, changes made that people are not happy with, will things change or go back the way we went them, no chance.
    Do you think they will take notice, well up to now, no.



    WP shouldn’t need to try and adopt gimmicks from social networking sites. This is not Facebook. The “Follow” button looks tiny and irrelevant now. After the global tags fiasco not linking to similar blogs but looking back at the blog you’re on, this is just a joke. I seriously hope WP take notice of the amount of people complaining about this.



    I like it the old way. I do not like the new way. Why did you change it? If it ain’t broke….

    Is that clear, WordPress?

    Ditto I don’t like the page that comes up every time I publish a new post that tells me something like Wizard or Spiffing and how many words I have written. It makes one extra click to get back to my blog. Please stop doing this.



    I hate this change…and, when I go to my own subscriptions page, it tells me I have none, with some dumb note saying why don’t I go check out Freshly Pressed and get some!

    I can see who my subscribers are, but not read their latest posts like I could very recently. Not all of us are social media junkies, we just want to write! I’m not on Facebook or Twitter, and my subscribers have been hard-won! I chose WordPress because I wanted a BLOG!



    Count me in as HIGHLY disappointed in this change.

    At my blog, I have a Follow page in my main navigation menu, where readers can choose to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or RSS.

    Changing the email subscription widget like this will confuse readers.

    Now, if there was a way for me to add the email subscription option to my Follow page, in the body of the page, well then, problem solved.

    I don’t have a problem with the “follow” language, but the way it’s implemented creates a real problem for me.


    Looks like this current change is a BUST! Please return to former format ASAP!!!! Not only can my followers not find me, but I can’t find them!!!! Subscriptions list recently posted pages … need it! Thank you!


    I changed my subscribe title so that people know what its for what do you think.



    @dribblingpensioner: I tried to change the widget title, clicked on Save, and it won’t save. Not sure how you were able to do it.



    Big thumbs down. Horrible UI, doesn’t make sense how it functions if you’re logged in or not, no forewarning, and it completely wrecks in design/copy people may have done centered around the original subscription widget.



    @ drawing board, dashboard/widgets/subscribtion widget/ type it into WIDGET TITLE and save.



    @dribblingpensioner: I did that, multiple times, and every time I click on Save the title reverts back to Follow Blog.

    I could possibly live with this if I could only change the widget title, but this is ridiculous!


    @ drawingboard, you have a title ” follow blog ” you must have put it there so can you not add to it.

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