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    I was able to change the widget title.

    It seems Happiness Engineers are working at it.

    My only issue is that the button and its alignment does not fit aesthetically well on my blog’s layout.



    @dribblingpensioner wrote:

    @ drawingboard, you have a title ” follow blog ” you must have put it there so can you not add to it.

    Nope. I NEVER gave the widget the title “Follow Blog”. It just suddenly changed this morning, or whenever the widget was changed by WordPress, and, like I said, no matter how many times I try to change the widget title and Save it, it reverts back to “Follow Blog”.



    OMG!!!! I agree soooooooooooo entirely with you!!!!! They make it so difficult to be a technophobic blogger with a following!!!! Should this become a petition to be discussed in parliament?? I think it is certainly close to the hearts of many!!



    I wrote:

    I could possibly live with this if I could only change the widget title

    On second thought…no. Even if I could change the widget title, the fact that the button is labeled “Follow” creates confusion considering my “Follow” page in the main menu.


    As I said upthread, if I could somehow add an option to subscribe to email notifications in the body of my Follow page, then I’d do that and just remove the widget.

    I might just remove the widget anyway, but then the only way for someone to subscribe to the blog is if they happen to view a post page subscribe via the tiny checkbox at the bottom, under the comments area.



    @xtrekki: I don’t appreciate your sarcasm and judgment.

    This has nothing to do with technophobia, since there’s no technical workaround as far as I can tell, unless, maybe, you’ve paid for the CSS upgrade, which I have not.


    @ drawingboard, can you not remove the words follow blog but leave the blue button, if you can i would and put a widget above that widset as i have :)



    I’m going to have to agree with blogsensebybarb who ways “Not only can my followers not find me, but I can’t find them!!!!”

    Where did all my subscriptions go? Do I need to go re-subscribe to all those blogs, or click on their new “follow” button… or what?

    Just ‘splain it to us…

    Hello… anybody home here?



    @dribblingpensioner: I appreciate the idea. Tried it, but with my theme it just doesn’t work visually, and like I said, now that I think about it, I just can’t abide that the button says “Follow” on it and I can’t change it.

    So, I’ve removed the widget for now.



    @drawingboard: I paid for the CSS upgrade but so far I’m unable to find a way to change it. I’m a CSS newbie so that might have something to do with it. I can change the title to Email Subscriptions and save it but the follow button remains unchanged so it looks funny to me. That said – whether a person paid or not should not affect anything as basic as the email subscription widget. There should be a choice for everyone to keep the old or change to the new. I’m not really sure why that wasn’t done in the first place.


    @ littledubs, your subscribers should be where they where before in dashboard, mine are, you don’t need to subscribe again, i checked that.

    @ drawingboard, it must be a pre-set title that cannot be altered , there are a few about in some blogs.



    @dribbling… true, but not my subscribers, my


    . I get emails from some when they post, but I like to then go to the page that lists them all and read through them. As many have already said, they are not there anymore?!?!



    Here’s my clunky workaround for now, using a Text widget:

    If you’d like to receive email notifications when new posts are added to Fish & Bicycles:

    – Click on the title of any blog post
    – Scroll to the bottom of the post
    – Type “Subscribe me” in comment field
    – Check the “Notify me of new posts…” box
    – Click on “Post Comment” button


    @ littledubs, you theme must have that problem then ask on the forum, mine works ok.

    @ drawingboard, lets know when you get it set-up :)




    @dribblingpensioner: actually, I changed my mind and redid my Follow page to include those email subscription instructions.

    It’s still clunky, since readers now have to post a comment to subscribe, rather than using the widget.

    I just hope that WordPress brings back the former widget and lets you choose between it and the new Follow widget.


    I don’t like this change either but, in case this is of any help to anyone else, I just changed the title in the widget to read “Follow Blog by email (click the ‘follow’ button below!)” If we can’t have the old one back, at least altering the title to indicate that this is where people subscribe by email, is the best alternative, surely?



    @absurdoldbird: unfortunately, not everyone, including myself, can’t change the widget title.

    I suspect that it’s theme-related. I’m using Bueno.

    I can’t understand why you can’t just choose the widget title and the label on the button like you used to. If WordPress wants to offer the option of using the “follow” terminology, that’s great, but just give users a choice.


    The BLOG SUBSCIPTION WIDGET was one of the most important features of my blog. I customized it in a way that would allow a sort of continuity with my YouTube channel. I even have entire episodes coming up which revolve around this button, and an entire page of the blog (which people seem to like), explaining about it.
    I’m sorry, I like WordPress, but if there is no option for me to customize this widget, then I have to look for a blog site that WILL allow me to.

    At least give people the option to have EITHER this OR the original subscription widget.

    This is my first WP complaint. I am extremely unhappy!


    Why is there no response from WP ADMIN?



    A day later and the problem is still with us. Happiness Engineers please take note! WP’s email subscription was (still is???) unique – way better than Feedburner’s in terms of reading experience. Please don’t take it away.

    @drawingboard – thanks for the workaround. It’s ugly but better than that awful Follow button,

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