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  1. theprospectofbees


    Count another unhappy and irritated user. Without warning a satisfactory widget was exchanged for another that has a confusingly labeled button with color and style out of place with the rest of the theme used, and which can not be configured adequately.

    I would be happiest if the change were simply reverted.

  2. Thanks for all the feedback folks. You should see the old subscription widget back in place with the new follow terminology (which you can edit if you wish).

    We'll continue to look into ways to display the follow button, but with better display and management options for you as a user.

  3. Hooray! Thanks, @apeatling! WordPress still rocks!

    And, like I said, I think most people will come around on the "follow" concept if it's done right.

    I know I will.

  4. @apeatling: Thank you! :-D

  5. @apeatling: And this is why WordPress is better than (and should never try to imitate) Facebook - you listen to your users. Thank you!

  6. This widget now asks me to subscribe even though I am already subscribed. Previously it used to hide the text box if you have already subscribed.

    This is a waste of space and could be confusing, you should reconsider.

  7. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I'm feelin' the love ; - >

  8. @apeatling

    Yes! And THIS is why WordPress users love you guys.

    You LISTEN to your readers, instead of Facebook that shoves changes down people's throat. (Facebook constantly has me wondering whether I shouldn't just leave it, I've done it many times actually.)

    WordPress has never made me feel that way. WordPress always made me feel smug because you guys always do great stuff.

    Please continue to listen to your users and I guarantee we'll never leave.

  9. Okay now the box to fill in is back but it says on mine "Join 62 other followers'"- why do you have to tell everyone how many followers I have? Why can't I decide to do that or not to do that? I don't like that at all - very unhappy with all these changes back and forth. :(

  10. Jo, there is a tick box in the widget - you can turn that off!

    PEOPLE POWER - thank you WP for restoring the functionality we loved!

  11. theprospectofbees


    Thank you. I am much happier now.

    The only bit of confusion is that it wants me to enter an email address although I am logged into my wordpress account. I thought it would just display the button? As long as the logic is not inverted I do not mind.

    Thank you again.

  12. Thanks WordPress. You listen to your members. This is why I'll never leave you :)

  13. I'm so relieved and happy this has been changed back, thank you. Please be aware that when you change the look of our sites (as opposed to the dashboard or backend) without warning, it's alarming and frustrating.

    In future, perhaps you could survey WordPress bloggers beforehand (via news), rather than making changes without notice?

  14. paulatohlinecalhoun1951

    At least we should have been given the option. Bad move, WP, bad move!

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