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    I subscribed to my own blog, as I share it with 2 other Editors and like to be notified when new posts are added. I have subscribed several times (via the subscription widgit), and the subscriptions seem to just drop off. I’ve tried to from different computers to make sure it wasn’t an issue with duplpicate IP addresses or cookies. I’ve also subscribed to a couple other wordpress blogs that I enjoy, and the subscriptions seem to work temporarily and then they too seem to drop. Any insights appreciated.

    Thanks, Stu

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but I don’t have any insights to offer that are not found in support documentation.
    All I can do is suggest is that you contact Staff and provide the link

    Best wishes with getting this sorted. :)



    For the last couple of months, I’ve not received an email to my own blog.

    I’ve tried subscribing with another email address, but that the confirmation email never arrived.

    Any ideas?



    Yes you need to contact Staff by filing a support ticket so they can sort this issue for you. Here’s the link. >



    Also note that in many cases when email address change confirmations do not seem to have been received they are frequently found in your email spam filter. So please check there as you may find it and not have to file a support ticket with all your details in it.



    OK thx, will do.

    No emails in spam folder. Also, since June, there has been no new subscribers. No idea, if anyone has tried and failed. I’ll contact support now.



    Best wishes Chris and not to worry Staff can and will sort this for you. :)



    Hi all,

    I have a similar problem. We have a blog ( and a number of subscribers, including myself, don’t receive the emails when a new post is added on the blog.
    The email address I used to subscribe is my professional email address and our IT department told me the problem came from the way the email wordpress sends is configured. In the “from” envelop, wordpress puts something like:
    “envelope firstname.lastname=(email redacted), header (email redacted)”
    with of course (email redacted) being the email address of the subscriber. The email server at my company prevents any outside domains from sending emails using an inside address. Therefore all these emails are immediately deleted, which explains why I don’t receive them.

    Now the question is: is there a way to avoid having the email address of the recipient appear in the sender envelope?

    Thanks in advance for your help.



    If I were you, I’d report that to staff once they’re back at work on the 16th. You can’t be alone in this.

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