Email subscription messages not being provided by Feed Burner

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    My members (currently just myself and anothe tester) are not receiving email notifications of new blog postings. I have recieved confirmation from Feedburner that my account has been set up and is active. Joined the email notice (via the text widget on the blog) under an alias to test the feed. Confirmed my subscription as required and received confirmation notice of subscription. Created a new blog three days ago (july 31) and have still not received any email.

    Here is how I set up the feed:

    Original feed:
    Feed address: (I only entered the “junkdrawerprophet/fZOd” bit)

    Any suggestion

    The blog I need help with is


    Check over at feedburner to make sure your emails are listed as subscribed. Also, feedburner only sends email subscription emails out once every 24 hours. Somewhere over there you can set a time zone, but I’ve never done it.



    There are two subscribers, one of which is my own alternate address used for testing purposes. No email has been received by either account.

    Reset time zone to match my own. I don’t think this setting will make a difference. It has been three days since my lost post, plenty of time to deliver a message no matter the time zone! :)

    Still looking for an answer.


    If the sign up from here worked, and your email’s are listed as subscribed, then you need to check with feedburner.



    Have you made new Posts, or new Pages since it stopped updating? Because it won’t send an alert for a Page.



    New Posts, and it has never worked.



    Have you checked your Spam folder in email? Because the emails are automated, they might be getting sent there.



    I am confused by the phrase, “email’s are listed as subscribed”. Where is this displayed?



    No Spam at all.


    Look over at feedburner in your account and make sure that the emails are listed in under the subscriptions.

    Go to feedburner, log in and click on your blog name, then click on publicize, then click on email subscriptions at the left, then at the bottom of the page click on view subscriber details.



    Emails are listed under Subscriptions.

    Viewinf Subscriber Details lists the subscribers to the site. Should I see something else?


    No, I was just suggesting to make sure you had the other person were listed there.




    I am having the exact same problem:

    the blog is at:

    I used the text widget to install the Feedburner code, and also installed the Email option.

    I’ve subscribed to the feed with two different emails, so has my client

    She has posted new content; neither one of us has received an emails with the feed after posting content

    have waited more than 24 hours

    also went into Feedburner and re-set the “ping” so it would refresh the feed

    still….no emails

    did you ever find a solutio??




    That is not a WordPress.COM blog and we won’t be able to help with that. You need to be over at WordPress.ORG for support with that.

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