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Email subscription options

  1. Hello,
    I have a question about email subsription.

    As you know, readers can subsribe to a feed of a specific category/author/tag.

    Is there a way to do the same with e-mail notifications in WordPress?

    Or, can I find an application or sort of that provides/facilitates e-mail subscription to a single category/author?

    Thanx in advance.
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  2. Pardon me for the typos on the words "subscription" and "subscribe".

  3. I'm sorry but there is not means of using the subscribe to posts by email function to accomplish what you want to do. I'm not aware of any apps that will do this. Perhaps another Volunteer has another idea of how you can offer email subscriptions by specific category/author.

  4. Thanx, Timethief. (actually u r time saver )

    I was hoping for something like this - (let me put it by example):

    It is RSS Graffiti not WordPress publicize that enabled me to automatically share a specific author's post on facebook.

    So, I hoped, there could be an app that compliments the same shortfall, in the WordPress e-mail notification service, by integrating with both WP and Yahoo/gmail, etc.

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