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  1. I know that I can’t delete subscribers. I have a stalker and he sent me messages both via email and the contact form on my blog. He also re-subscribed to my blog again today. I have a message into support to ask them to remove those two email addresses as subscribers.

    If I remove the email subscription widget from my blog, is there a way to manually add someone that wants to subscribe via email? I know that people can use the RSS feed and readers, but this guy is lazy so he won’t bother doing that. I want other people to have the option to subscribe via email. I was thinking of just having a text widget and asking them to use the contact form if they want to subscribe.

    I briefly talked to the police chief where I live but he was tied up today and is going to call me tomorrow. I am going to try and get a restraining order to stop him from any contact, including subscribing to my blog.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. But what's to stop him from just making a WordPress account and following you that way? Or even getting a restraining order (Which I don't think they'll do) whats to stop him from assuming another identity?

    Whenever I get nasty messages online or whatever I just ignore them. (Not that I get many though) Sooner or later they'll get bored and go away. That's your best bet, it takes more effort for him to send them than it does for you to just delete them.

  3. First of all, he wouldn't know to get a WordPress account. There is enough of a history so I do believe I can get a restraining order. This isn't just a simple nasty message - there is a history with this guy. Charges should have been filed last year but the police here didn't want to bother because he lives in another state. I am now insisting that the charges get filed, which would give me ammunition to get a restraining order.

    He can assume another identity, which he did today, but his first message to me made it obvious to me exactly who he was. This guy is a moron, I have met him in real life and he will never give up.

  4. I had 2 trolls harass me in blog comments on 2 blogs for over 2 years. Trolls aim to trigger emotions in others as they get off on causing others distresss. What they wanted was attention. What I gave them was my back. I set my blog up to Moderation of every comment and proceeded to blog on. They eventually quit. Dealing with Annoying Subscribers
    Handle Online Attacks Effectively

  5. Thanks Timethief! I do have the comment moderation turned on so that they have to have one approved comment before it automatically posts so he won't get thru that way. I hate to change anything because that means he wins and gets what he wants. I read both of your articles. I didn't even think to set up my name with the Google term search just in case he does something that way. I am glad you mentioned that!

  6. I didn't change anything except comment moderation settings. Google Alerts are very useful. You're welcome.

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