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Email subscriptions?

  1. christinekirchoff

    I have searched this forum and the web up and down. I just want to find a way for people to subscribe to my blog and recieve and email update when I have a new Post. I tried out feedburner and it sucks. They gave out an email a few days ago about a post i wrote when i first made the blog which was months and months ago. I tried zoodoka (or whatever) They are closing down their site and wouldn't let me join. I can't find Yutter or Squeeter so i need some suggestions, Please!

  2. As far as I know, Feedburner is our only option here. I've been using them for email updates for 2.5 years and have had virtually no problems with them. The problem you had I suspect was a random glitch rather than something that will reoccur.

  3. Correct "FeedBurner" is the only option here @

  4. christinekirchoff

    teck: No way it's the ONLY option.

    thesacredpath: Thanks anyway. I did some digging and apparently feedburner has a lot of problems. :-( Anyone else have any ideas?

  5. teck: No way it's the ONLY option.

    Wha? Do you not like feedburner? I use it and it works great. I have 12 subscribers when last I checked.

    Just remember that every technology has those who like it and those who hate it. You just have to jump in and test out what you like.

    I would give Feedburner an objective try. If you don't like it, fine. At least give it a try.

  6. Sorry teck, I attributed the comment to you accidently. It should be:

    christinekirchoff - teck: No way it's the ONLY option.

  7. christinekirchoff

    Beemeister: I said in the very first post that I did try it already. I was asking on the forum if anyone knew any other option.

  8. Most other email subscription sites require Java script or a form code
    which is not allowed here at that's why my comment was.

    Correct "FeedBurner" is the only option here @

    FeedBurner is the only site that I have come across that offers the link
    option & still provides stats.

  9. @christinekirchoff, what exactly are you looking for? There are some free alert services out there which would notify your subscribers via an email when you make a new blog post. Are you looking for notification or are you looking for your blog posts to be emailed to your subscribers?

  10. christinekirchoff

    Arifsali: A notification when I post a new blog and a link to that post. At least that's what I'm trying for. :-/

    Teck: Thanks for the info, but I'm still uncertain on feedburner. I started them recently and have had problems already. With research I found out they do drop subscribers due to technical glitches which is why I'd rather try somewhere else first.

  11. christinekirchoff, I am sorry. You are right, I should have read your post a bit better! :)

    Here are some FeedBurner Alternatives:

    Zookada →

    RapidFeeds →

    Pheedo →

  12. Oops, Zookoda closed 16 days ago. No longer an option according to their support forums.

  13. @beemeister
    I have a question for you. Do any of the alternatives you posted for email subscriptions contain advertising from which the blogger benefits financially? I'm asking because if so that could present a problem, given the fact that no blogger initiated advertising is allowed on blogs.

  14. timethief, good question! I don't know. I don't know if it would matter. Once the feed leaves WP, and you reburn it, it does not really affect the WP blog, or does it?

    I know that you can put Google ads in your Feedburner feed. I never have (tacky to say the least.) Perhaps Staff can weigh in (Hey Mark! Matt! Anthony!)

    Here is another solution:

    FeedBlitz →

    It even works for private WP blogs:

  15. BTW, FeedBlitz is free, but has some ads, unless you pay to move up to no ads.

  16. christinekirchoff

    Thanks a bunch Beemeister!! I'm going to check them out and get back. :-)

  17. Sure. Glad to help.

  18. Try ZapTXT. They send quick and short notification emails containing link to your post. Also check RSSFwd. I don't know about the Ads, I think they're Ads free.

  19. RssFwd looks nice.

  20. christinekirchoff

    I'm going in order here. Anyhow

    RapidFeeds has nothing on emails. Did i overlook it? :-(

    Pheedo seems to be an Ad place, rather than a place for email subscriptions.

    Feedblitz has complaints about bright orange emails? I have no idea what that's about but that's what complaints seem to be numerously compiled.

    ZapTXT I haven't found anything on email subscription either. :-(

    RssFwd has a section saying their sorry for the major inconvencience in the last few months there is a problem with the system. It has yet to be resolved.

    I sound picky, i know. Sorry, but I can't find anything that sound promising. Some of them i couldn't even find info on email subscriptions, Did i pass them up somehow?

  21. Oh well...hopefully you find something to replace FeedBurner.

    May I ask what specifically you do not like about FeedBurner?

  22. Well, is it any wonder that Feedburner was bought by Google and ever since there has been no new development. But regardless, they deliver what they offer.

    @christinekirchoff, did you try ZapTXT by registering as Publisher? The last time I checked, they will give you the code for your subscribers. The code may not work at but if you ask the support there, they may give you the html version (it is straightforward to adopt their code for if you know a little html). Your subscribers will then need to register with the service and the whole nine yards.

    Well, the problem with these kind of services is that they're not easy for average internet users hence I have in my wish list for to provide a native version where blog readers could simply get an email when the new post is made. There should also be a "email post" option with each post. Email is still in business and it is beyond me why the blogging world treats email like it is a dead monster (it isn't yet).

  23. christinekirchoff

    arifsali: I have just been trying ZapTXT and am so fustrated. They run you in circles, and yes tried registering as publisher.

    Beemeister: Sure you can ask, doesn't mean i'll answer. Ha, lol, just kidding. Um, feedburner sent the first post I created, months ago, in an email alert as a new post. It also I guess glitched because my friend said she tried to get email subscriptions but she never showed up on my list or recieved any emails. :-(

  24. christinekirchoff

    You can also add Bot a blog into the useless catagory. I signed up and instantly had 7 subscribers. Rolls eyes!

  25. christine said: "feedburner sent the first post I created, months ago, in an email alert as a new post."

    That was because it was in your blog feed. FeedBurner just grabs your feed as it sees it. You can set your feed to only display recent content by limiting how many posts are displayed in your blog feed. Settings > Reading

  26. christinekirchoff

    Thanks beemeister, that's good to know, but I feel like this is the only option. I like choices.

    Also, apparently a lot of feedburner members are having issues with subscribers dropped. Have you had any issues with this.

    I am seriously getting fustrated. There is no easy or simply way to just let people subscribe to my blog. Arg! :-(

  27. @christinekirchoff
    I'm still not clear about some things.
    You say" "I tried out feedburner and it sucks." May I ask you: In what way?
    I have subscribed to my own feeds and I get the posts in the feeds once daily from feedburner. None of my readers have had any problems receiving them either.

    You say "Also, apparently a lot of feedburner members are having issues with subscribers dropped. Have you had any issues with this. " My answer is no. I am not aware of any problems of this nature at all.

    "There is no easy or simply way to just let people subscribe to my blog."
    You are using the mistylook theme and any reader can subscribe to your posts and choose from the following feedreader services:
    Live Bookmarks
    My Yahoo

  28. christinekirchoff

    I have arround 70 email subscribers with feedburner, and they receive correctly all of my posts. Perhaps you made some kind of mistake on configuring the service. Perhaps is not a Feedburner issue.

  29. I am looking at the Feedburner Email subscription option now and it does not appear to include WordPress as an option any more. What to do?

  30. @kasiakines
    Follow these instruction found in the FAQs

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