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    I have searched this forum and the web up and down. I just want to find a way for people to subscribe to my blog and recieve and email update when I have a new Post. I tried out feedburner and it sucks. They gave out an email a few days ago about a post i wrote when i first made the blog which was months and months ago. I tried zoodoka (or whatever) They are closing down their site and wouldn’t let me join. I can’t find Yutter or Squeeter so i need some suggestions, Please!


    As far as I know, Feedburner is our only option here. I’ve been using them for email updates for 2.5 years and have had virtually no problems with them. The problem you had I suspect was a random glitch rather than something that will reoccur.



    Correct “FeedBurner” is the only option here @


    teck: No way it’s the ONLY option.

    thesacredpath: Thanks anyway. I did some digging and apparently feedburner has a lot of problems. :-( Anyone else have any ideas?



    teck: No way it’s the ONLY option.

    Wha? Do you not like feedburner? I use it and it works great. I have 12 subscribers when last I checked.

    Just remember that every technology has those who like it and those who hate it. You just have to jump in and test out what you like.

    I would give Feedburner an objective try. If you don’t like it, fine. At least give it a try.



    Sorry teck, I attributed the comment to you accidently. It should be:

    christinekirchoff - teck: No way it's the ONLY option.


    Beemeister: I said in the very first post that I did try it already. I was asking on the forum if anyone knew any other option.



    Most other email subscription sites require Java script or a form code
    which is not allowed here at that’s why my comment was.

    Correct "FeedBurner" is the only option here @

    FeedBurner is the only site that I have come across that offers the link
    option & still provides stats.



    @christinekirchoff, what exactly are you looking for? There are some free alert services out there which would notify your subscribers via an email when you make a new blog post. Are you looking for notification or are you looking for your blog posts to be emailed to your subscribers?


    Arifsali: A notification when I post a new blog and a link to that post. At least that’s what I’m trying for. :-/

    Teck: Thanks for the info, but I’m still uncertain on feedburner. I started them recently and have had problems already. With research I found out they do drop subscribers due to technical glitches which is why I’d rather try somewhere else first.



    christinekirchoff, I am sorry. You are right, I should have read your post a bit better! :)

    Here are some FeedBurner Alternatives:

    Zookada →

    RapidFeeds →

    Pheedo →



    Oops, Zookoda closed 16 days ago. No longer an option according to their support forums.



    I have a question for you. Do any of the alternatives you posted for email subscriptions contain advertising from which the blogger benefits financially? I’m asking because if so that could present a problem, given the fact that no blogger initiated advertising is allowed on blogs.



    timethief, good question! I don’t know. I don’t know if it would matter. Once the feed leaves WP, and you reburn it, it does not really affect the WP blog, or does it?

    I know that you can put Google ads in your Feedburner feed. I never have (tacky to say the least.) Perhaps Staff can weigh in (Hey Mark! Matt! Anthony!)

    Here is another solution:

    FeedBlitz →

    It even works for private WP blogs:



    BTW, FeedBlitz is free, but has some ads, unless you pay to move up to no ads.


    Thanks a bunch Beemeister!! I’m going to check them out and get back. :-)



    Sure. Glad to help.



    Try ZapTXT. They send quick and short notification emails containing link to your post. Also check RSSFwd. I don’t know about the Ads, I think they’re Ads free.



    RssFwd looks nice.


    I’m going in order here. Anyhow

    RapidFeeds has nothing on emails. Did i overlook it? :-(

    Pheedo seems to be an Ad place, rather than a place for email subscriptions.

    Feedblitz has complaints about bright orange emails? I have no idea what that’s about but that’s what complaints seem to be numerously compiled.

    ZapTXT I haven’t found anything on email subscription either. :-(

    RssFwd has a section saying their sorry for the major inconvencience in the last few months there is a problem with the system. It has yet to be resolved.

    I sound picky, i know. Sorry, but I can’t find anything that sound promising. Some of them i couldn’t even find info on email subscriptions, Did i pass them up somehow?

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