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Email subscriptions?

  1. Feedburner

  2. @wesleysoccer
    Here are the instructions for setting up to offer email updates from feedburner FAQs

  3. Thanks, @timethief - I did and it seems to be working. Appreciated!

  4. christinekirchoff

    I have had trouble with feedburner, thus the need to want to try something else. As soon as I started feedburner there were issues which are posted somewhere above...Blog issues, drop subscribers, these are occurences i'd rather not deal with and search for a better option. I have not heard of a few of your suggestions and will check them out. Thanks.

  5. christinekirchoff

    The above post was for Timetheif by the way, forgot to add it.

  6. whenpandasattack

    I used to use RSSFWD quite happily to get email updates of infrequently updated blogs I follow, but lately it hasn't been very reliable. I hope they get their problems fixed because it is a very useful service.

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