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    Hi there.

    First thanks for all the good new things like twitter integration and email subscription. I love blogging on this site!
    Next, I have a question about the email subscription. Is there a place I can see how many signed up? Or even their names?

    Kind regards,
    Jesper Elgaard.

    The blog I need help with is



    dashboard > stats page:
    scroll far down then you’ll see them.



    I also have a question about email subscriptions.

    Is it possible to email all the people in your email subscription list with an announcement or something, like a newsletter for example



    There is no means automatic bulk mailing, if that’s what you are looking for. If you have the email addresses then there is nothing stopping you from emailing unless you have a policy posted stating you will NOT be using the email address for such purposes.


    /nod to TT

    One thing I’ll note is that when people sign up for email updates from a blog, they are generally not expecting to get anything but that. I’ve cancelled email subscriptions to blogs when I start getting a lot of other unsolicited stuff from them. It really irritates me.



    I’m like you, if I subscribe to the updates (posts) on a blog that’s all I expect to receive. I do NOT expect that my email address will be used to “spam” me with any newsletters and/or announcements that I did specifically choose to opt into receiving. On the few occasions this has occurred, I immediately canceled my subscription, and dumped the blog from my reading list.



    How can I download entire email subscribers list of my blog. There is an option Download as CSV but it only downloads 100 latest email ids of users and not more than that. So is there a way to download the list of users alongwith when they subscribed to the blog.. I can copy past but I do not want that option,if there is a better way to do it.



    I commented on a blog and the blog owner automatically added me to their email blast list. I did NOT subscribe to anything on their blog, I merely left two comments. They just automatically added me to a list and send me an email every time they update their blog. I have requested to be removed from their mailing list and will not be visiting their blog again.

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