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    On this site ( they have a bunch of affiliates links in the left hand side with a single image above them all. Each time you move your mouse over a different link the image changes. Is this possible to do at all here on and if so does it require the css upgrade?

    My second question relates to the email subscription widget. Is there a way to have this as a link instead? I don’t like the actual look of the widget (plus it takes up a bit of space) and using feedburner allows me the option of creating a link to subscribe via email. I would prefer to have access to the wordpress stats but if it’s not possible I’ll just stick with feedburner.

    Any help provided is appreciated in advanced.

    The blog I need help with is



    Well, affiliate links are not possible to have on The image change is not something you’d be able to do here either as far as I’m aware.

    Nobody has been able to figure out a link that works to the email subscription; only the widget.

    Last year a lot of people reported trouble with Feedburner, but if it’s working for you I guess that means it got fixed.

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