Email Subscriptions vs. Follow My Blog, Same thing?

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    I am wondering this new thing of “Follow my Blog? is this the same thing as Email Subscriptions? If different is it just within blogs, or open for everyone everywhere to follow. ?
    Now that being said since I have the bar at the top of my blog that says Follow/ Un-Follow, what does other people that happen onto my blog see and how do they “Follow My Blog” I would like to do a post inviting EVERYONE TO FOLLOW MY BLOG. however I need to know how they follow so I can describe it in the post.

    I searched the forums and found nothing pertaining to this in relevant posts.

    The blog I need help with is



    There are several different ways that readers can start following your blog. Some of us choose to read posts in our Readomatic reader and some choose to have posts emailed to them. We can subscribe to blogs and you can enable blog subscriptions for your readers by following these instructions >
    see also >



    Thanks Time Thief,
    As always you are very helpful, I just was not sure how other people did it. So I did not know if it was the same as subscribing. I just always subscribe or RSS feed any blog that I want to follow, so am still not sure it is the same thing as just following.
    I guess I will hold off making a post on following, just need to get clear on it before I as people to follow me, I have 61 subscribers. via email subscriptions but can see that that does not mean they are following me from the box with followers.

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