email to friend feature now available?

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    i saw an “email this” feature in a wp .com blog. like, under every post. as far as i know it’s not available at wp. maybe it’s a new addition? can someone please tell me how to get it done? i couldn’t find it in faq.
    the blog that has it is

    i would really appreciate it if someone passed on the know-how.



    I cannot see an “email a friend” feature on the posts on the blog you provide the link to above but I did not spend time looking at every post. However, as far as I know this feature is not available at and may never be introduced. It’s a common tool spammers use. Email updates can be provided by this method
    Further advice on how to request it can be found here


    you cannot see? that’s very strange indeed. could it be that it is stripped by your browser or something?

    you did say you did not spend time. please, can someone spend long enough to ditect that under the posts there’s
    <b>share this post</b> digg it-kick it-EMAIL IT-bookmark it-reddit-live it

    and also i would like to know how it is done. i know how the other stuff is done, but not the EMAIL IT.

    if you happen to visit this thread, please share your secret.




    I do see them using IE7 and since they run into each other nitawriter might be inserting some code by hand for each post. Why not ask the blogger directly if no one here can help?



    i see it. It’s a simple HTML mailto link inserted at the end of each post. Here’s what i got from viewing the source code:
    <a href="mailto:?body=Thought%20you%20might%20like%20this:%20;subject=Asian+countries+don%27t+like+or+trust+each+other+much+" target="_blank" title="Post 'Asian countries don't like or trust each other much ">Email it</a>


    thank you all.
    much appreciated!



    Ahhh … I thought you were looking for a wordpress feature that could be automatically used. This link at the end of the posts has been provided by the blogger.


    hello again!

    the mailto way (the way nitawiter is doing it) is not quite safe and there’s a safe way of doing it.

    here is a post that explains it all:

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