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email updates (Feed Burner)

  1. I'm trying to offer email updates and have followed the faq located here: The link to feedburner appears but there is nowhere to put an email address. It seems that something is missing from the code, but I am a total novice and dont know what it is.

    You can see what I'm talking about at

    If anyone has any input or knows a better way to offer email updates, that would be awesome!


    [links fixed by staff]

  2. apparently i dont know how to post links either. and it seems you cant edit a post??


  3. With the HTML version of the feedburner service, what will happen is if you click on the link, it will take you to a feedburner signup window. Since we cannot use javascript or forms here, you cannot have the email signup directly in your blog.

  4. And with links here in the forums, you don't need the [url] / [/url] , just put the url directly into the editor and it will show up as a link automatically.

  5. Your link is working fine. would not allow you to have your visitors add their email addresses right there in the box on your blog (if that is what you're expecting), but if they click on the link you have provided, they'd be able to subscribe to your blog in RSS reader or via email.

  6. You can you use the link option and when a reader clicks the link
    there taken to the feed burner, site were there ask for there email address.

  7. thanks everyone. my oversight!

  8. Your welcome.

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