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    This is very strange. For those who sign up with their email address, they can receive an automatic email of new blog posts. I just spent several hours putting our organization’s winter newsletter up on the WordPress blog page… The email that arrived shortly after was missing pieces of the online post which are still visible in the blog post. Large spaces were inserted, but the text and pictures are gone. What could have happened?

    Thank you for any ideas on this problem. It’s too late to send it out correctly since everyone got the messed up version, but I’d like to not have this happen with our next newsletter or blog post, whichever comes first.

    The blog I need help with is



    Every email client displays differently. Some do not display images or videos and some do. The most frequent complaints we get are from those using the Google reader.



    Oops! Please ignore that last sentence above. I posted that in error.

    In the future what you could do instead is set your RSS feed to display summaries via Settings -> Reading in your blog’s Dashboard. This will display truncated posts in the emails, thereby encouraging your readers to click in and visit the actual blog to read the full newsletter.



    If you do the summaries you subscribers inbox will be saved a large email if you have very many graphics – much more friendly I think and as noted above you control the formatting.

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