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    When comments are made on my blog, they are only emailed to me occasionally. Before, I got an email for every comment but now it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve checked my email address.



    Maybe try sending in a feedback and see if they can help.



    I’ve noticed that if a WP user types a comment an email isn’t sent. When any other person (from another blogging platform) posts a comment I get an email. But having said that drmike posted a test comment and I DID get an email… seems very arbitrary.


    I have noticed the same



    Interesting comments because I have received 100 comments on my main blog established on April 8th and because I moderate all comments I have received an email for each and every one of them.



    That maybe because you set your blog to moderate comments though. It has to send you an email in that case.


    All my comments are sent to my email, and I am not set to moderate them. However, today, my site is showing no activity at all–no comments and no hits. Yet, when I checked my email, there were comments made today.

    What have I done wrong now? :) As always, I appreciate your help.




    Stats appear to be having an issue currently. And somedays one doesn’t get comments. :)


    My comments are now showing, although my stats haven’t changed since I booted up this morning. I’ll be patient, for this is certainly not an earth-shattering problem.



    I’m still having issues. Some of them related to WP comments. ha
    Comments posting on site but not being sent at all through email now. Boo. GUess I’ll try turning on moderation that way maybe they’ll be emailed to me. It isn’t earth shattering, I just like being able to reply via email. KWIM? Thanks.

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