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Emailing new posts reduce Blog reading

  1. Hi, whenever I publish a new post, all readers receive an email containing the text in full. Well, if they can read the post on email, they are not coming to the blog (so I miss the opportunity for them to leave comments or click on banners around).

    So, my question is: how can I configure these email updates so that people are enticed to come to the blog to read my posts, instead of just reading the post in their email inbox?...

    (I can think of posting a line such as "come read my new post" under a post, but I'd have to be really fast to copy-paste the actual text, so that readers access the real content. This is not too smart, so please help with a proper solution?)

    Many thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. PS: I should have added, these emails are sent automatically by WordPress. I was wondering if there is a way to config them, so that blog readers get the auto email but have to visit the website to read the new post. Hope this is more clear now, sorry.

  3. Dashboard >> Settings >> Reading >> check box "For each article in a feed, show summery"

    Then your email only has a short bit about your post, so then they need to click on the link and go to your site to read the whole article.

  4. auxclass - thanks much. yes, indeed. i completely overlooked that option while looking for it. cheers!

  5. Using the More tag in your posts - so that only the beginning of the post (you choose how much), is displayed - has the same effect.

  6. But that one annoys blog readers, like me.

  7. You annoy easily. lol :D

  8. I do, but frankly that's a pet peeve of mine. I come to your blog to read it, not to feed your pageviews. Literally the ONLY blog in the world that I read that uses the More tag is Gawker.

    I also ignore and unfollow people on Twitter who do the 140 characters with (cont) at the end. Like, if I wanted to hear more than 140 characters at a time from you, I'd give you my email.

  9. Stuff and nonsense. Many blogs are now using magazine style themes that automatically display only excerpts on the font page. Here ate wordpress.COM the Onuit TYpes theme automatically provides only excerpts.

  10. "Stuff and nonsense?"

    No, it's not. I literally don't read those blogs. I am well aware that more and more people are setting up blogs like that; I don't read them.

  11. Well, we can agree to disagree. I can live without you reading my blogs -- I guess :( sniffle

    The blogs I don't read are the ones described in these two posts:
    Blogging: How to Lose me as a Reader
    Minimalist Blogging: Strip It!

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