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Emailing Subscribers/Followers

  1. I have the basic and free account with WordPress, so I'm unsure if I can do this:

    Is it possible to, and how do I, send a mass email to all my subscribers/followers?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Make a new Post - grabbing the email addresses and putting them into some sort of mass emailing is illegal in many countries - and if I got something like that from a blog I subscribed to I would give you the middle finger and kill my subscription and report your blog for privacy abuse

  3. I live in Canada. here it's illegal to use an email address for any purpose other than the express purpose it is submitted for. I submit an email address only for the purpose of submitting comments and you can bet your bottom buck that if any blogger dares to use my email address for any purpose I did not agree to in advance, I will take direct legal action and some other actions in social networks that will make heads spin.

  4. @thepilgrimman
    I strongly suggest that you create a secure contact form on a static page and boldly state above it that you are harvesting email addresses. That way only those who wish to have their email addresses harvested will submit them to you via that contact form.

  5. I understand completely concerning the privacy of each subscriber. But I just don't understand that if a person willingly subscribes to a particular blog, knowing they are giving up their email address to the author, then why can't mass emails be created to keep the subscriber "in the loop" or to know upcoming events concerning the blog?

    (Just curious, how would one fly me the middle finger via the internet? Send a pic? Make a video?) -jk

  6. Because that is spam.

    If someone signs up to read the blog, that doesn't mean they signed up to get mass emails from you. I know there are "marketing gurus" and "social media gods" who say different, but those people are spammers.

  7. Slightly different question for you raincoaster.. if I have over 1300 subscribers by email, why can't I even see who they are?

    Oh and not listed via stats lower left box.. Thnx, Sasha

  8. Because that's not the way is set up. They have more stringent privacy policies here than at other places, and this thread indicates one reason why. By reducing or eliminating the possibility that an unscrupulous or unaware blogger might spam email subscribers, maintains the value of all blogs. The more you facilitate things that can be abused, the more you as a provider become associated with those abuses.

    I'm not staff, though. This is just my opinion.

    Legally, in Canada at least, the fact people have signed up to get your posts via email doesn't give you the right to use their emails for anything else, and this setup facilitates the use of emails ONLY for specifically what people have signed up for.

  9. um, Raincoaster was that an answer to me? I thought it was not working though when I 'subscribed via email' myself.. I show as the only 'via email' subscriber lol lol... even though there is over 1700?? That is 'far too strange' how can they do it anonymously?

    Now I certainly don't want to bulk email anyone, or use it at all much aside from research.. Also poignant how many go about it this way; instead of 'liking or commenting'. Ironic...

    If that is the case, to me it's my privacy that is being 'manipulated', at least when I became aware of it, in settings I turned off the pictures, so they would not be included.. nor in rss..

  10. So, what's the actual question? Why can't you see who your email subscribers are? I answered that. If you have a question about pictures, do a forum search to see if it's been asked before and if not, start a new thread.

  11. Not about pictures no...

  12. @afreestyler
    )Please read the answer to your off-topic question in this thread in the thread you posted titled Who are my Email Subscribers at this link

  13. @thepilgrimman
    I believe that raincoaster answered the question above addressed to me very well and your issue has been resolved.

  14. Hi timethief, and I just found the info about twitter followers counting to that number.. and I am actually the only one following by 'actual' email. *also bothering here for Newbies if they have a similar problem on this as follow by email, to me is a literal thing..* so nice to clear it up as I said, had found out by accident when had unconnected my twitter and 'follows' dropped to 75 my Tumblr and WordPress count, the rest are merely my Twitter followers..

    So, had answered it myself, pretty much and posted it here..
    Who Follows by Email

    (all raincoaster had said is that you can't and wordpress won't allow it? Anyhow, found him a little too confusing) Nice of him to offer etc..

    Bye Now :)

  15. My Issue, yes... I had marked it resolved myself see? :) at Jan 9, 2013, 2:09 PM just before you added this... crossed wires TT thnx for bothering to check though :)

  16. Hello again,
    raincoaster and I are both females and both of us have been answering questions here for over 6 years. We don't waste words or time.

    The perfect response to anyone who posts off topic ie hijacks a thread is to provide this link and tell them to post their own thread.

    You already had a thread and had no reason to post into this one at al all.

    Please do not start a habit of hijacking the threads that other bloggers post and going on about issues that are off topic in them.

    There are pages and pages of threads wherein bloggers who need help are waiting for it.

    Please help us to help them by not wasting either your words or time or ours either. Thank you, in advance, for listening and cooperating by not responding so I can help someone else.

  17. Yikes... I have just thought of a question for you though, (just occurred and rather than starting a new thread, and if you're about / have time, etc.... someone reblogged me (has only ever happened a few times)

    Don't know, is it actually ok to moderate 'what and who' reblogs.. as may eventually mark this as private then as is kind of personal *not too much* was just trying something that many have done lately this 'map' thing....

    Dubious, as I cannot see it at his blog?

  18. I assume you have read what I posted about posting off-topic and here you are doing it again. I refuse to answer your second attempt to hijack this thread. Post you own thread by using this link

  19. ok, and no I had no idea about off topic...

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