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    I have two domain names, from Daily. that function ok, i also have emails address for each one I can send emails from the email address and recieve but cannot recieve emails sent from outside addresses. Daily say this

    “I have checked the setting for the domains and they are painting to using the wordpress nameservers. This means that the domains are using the wordpress servers services.

    You would need to change the mail records for the domains to at the wordpress end if possible.

    If not you would need to change the namesevers for the domains back to daily and then change the IP addresses DNS A records for the domains so that they point to the wordpress servers. “

    I am not all technical or computer literate, and find this totally out of my league, which I told them.

    Reply was this

    Do you have a wordpress control panel you login to for the dns? If not, it might be an idea to contact wordpress to see if is possible to change the mx records. If they allow this then all you need to ask them is to change the mx record to

    I dont see a Dns log in and totally confused

    Can someone help me please to sort this out and help me with a solution to my problem

    Many thanks in advance


    The blog I need help with is



    Here are the instructions on using Google Apps, which is your only alternative

    There have been other discussions on this in the past. Bottom line is that when you map a top-level domain to wordpress, you essentially lose control over it. I always recommend using a subdomain instead, which allows you to continue to control your domain elsewhere.

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