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    I have been getting these outlook followers as well and noticed some strange traffic on my site with one of them being a semalt referrer. I marked that as spam but thinking there is a connection.



    I am having same problem on two of my WordPress sites. Several Outlook followers are being notified by email to me every few days, but they do not show up on my email follower lists (previously they did and I could remove them).

    I have removed the ‘follow’ button from my websites, which stops them, but this time they have started again when I reinstated it. Are they being caught somewhere by WordPress systems as spam and, if so, can I see or review them anywhere to check they have been correctly disabled or removed (I’ve looked and cannot see where they may be recorded).

    Hopefully and as posts say, it is currently just a low level nusiance but I would like WordPress to please find a way to stop it.

    I can supply addresses for all the false Outlook followers if that helps and you say where to send them. This appears to be a very common problem and greater WordPress guidance and assistance would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Dave


    Good morning –

    subs123, we are removing these as spam as they come in. This is why you no longer see them through the dashboard.



    Thanks, lizkarkoski,
    That explains why some are in the email followers list and some aren’t.


    harivan – My pleasure. Although annoying, these do not pose any threat to your sites or blogs.



    Thanks for further explanation, which helpful to know about. Best of luck in thwarting the people causing this nusiance.


    subs123 – Of course, it’s always our pleasure to help! Take care.



    I am so happy to have well informed.

    Sincere thanks Liz!

    Please keep your happiness, so we do.



    I was more worried when the notified email follower did not appear in the E-Mail Followers list on the dashboard.
    Now I am reassured that WordPress has been removing some of them.



    For the benefit of those who are not in this forum and do not know the mystery of the missing email followers, It may be a good idea if WordPress can notify the members when they remove a spammer.


    openreel :) my pleasure.


    harivan – Do let me know if any of these spam followers make it through to your followers list. We’ve been removing them.



    Looks like same problem as aggiegoddess: i keep getting email notification for new random outlook followers who never show up in the followers list on the site or in the visitor stats.


    This spam email followers issue is mine as well, on all the blogs I have on WP. I could understand the WP-registered spam followerrs – I mean, the ones who have an account and a blog – that do so in order to have their site/blog visited out of the curiosity to know who they are, but what about these spam email-followers?

    – marco


    Just started having the same issue on a blog I manage ( Coming in from Any help appreciated.


    Hello I am Mia Bella Vita @divinedrama. They have started with me. I delete them. I have had around 20 or more. they have strange names with I am putting saying they are Junk and then deleting them. No evidence in my stats either.


    I have taken a screenshot if you want me to send it to you.



    Here is one that got through to my followers list:
    (email redacted)



    I’ve been getting them, too. Here’s one: (email redacted)

    Here’s another: (email redacted)

    I’ve been deleting them as I’m notified, but I wonder why they’re doing it in the first place. How does someone benefit from doing this?



    Hi – I too have been receiving several sign ups daily, all from outlook email accounts and all look like spam. My site is Any help wpuld be appreciated. Many thanks

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