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Emails Not Going Out on New Posts

  1. stockhousegroup

    I had a new post this morning and none of my subscribers were emailed, so I just sent out a test to see if it was a one time problem, and again no one is getting the email updating the post. Any ideas why this may be happening?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have had the excatly same problem today. Published a post about an hour ago and no-one has received emails.

  3. stockhousegroup

    Yes, very odd! Friday's post was sent out, but today's morning post and then the follow up test post did not go out... and I can't get any answers as to why.

  4. The same for me. I do hope my followers will receive the email eventually. It was a good post and all.

  5. There are multiple threads on this issue of the front page of the forum. All have been flagged for Staff attention.

  6. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrh - that probably explains my previous thread about no referrers, I think, in some ways - or at least why there were none from any web mail referrers!

  7. @teamoyeniyi
    I hope Staff are aware of this and working on it. The threads are all flagged.

    P.S. I'm not affected because I never subscribe to receive posts by email. I'm a feed-reader type :)

  8. This should all be fixed up now. Future posts will be sent out without issue.

    The posts that were not sent out during this brief period may still be sent, but at this time that's inconclusive. If you're concerned, I recommend dropping in a quick "Check out Today's Post" entry, or republish the post.

  9. stockhousegroup

    This is fixed now thanks :)

  10. You're welcome!

  11. many thanks for fixing this.

    here's a stupid question but i have tried to work this out myself and failed miserably - how do i republish a post?

  12. Basically, just copy and paste the content into a new post, delete the old post, and publish the new post.

  13. I posted today and still no subscribers have been emailed. :-( But hey while we are talking ya'll check out my post and then the snafu will pay off. ;-)

  14. I know this is flagged as resolved, but I'd just like to point out this is at least the second time this has happened within 12 months. The second that I know of.

    Have WordPress isolated the underlying issue that causes this issue? Was this a different cause this time?

    Can't help myself - it is my profession, after all. :)

    @TimeThief - funny for me to say this, but I've never been a feeder reader - I try to change, but it never happens!

  15. I'm not entirely clear on the cause myself, but I can assure you that it was not the same cause as last time. All I can say for now is that it shouldn't happen again.

  16. Thanks MacManx. Glad to hear it wasn't the same cause!

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