emails titled "Someone is now following" do not contain the email address

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    The email confirmation sent from WordPress when a new subscriber adds their email address to the follow site, now does not contain the subscribers email address.

    Until December 2011, this email which is titled “Someone is now following …sitename…” always contained “Their email address is …….and the actual email address…..”

    Since January 2012 this email only contains “Someone just subscribed to receive an email every time you publish a post at ….sitename….. Congratulations.”

    How can I receive the email address in this advisory email again? (I know I can display the address via the Dashboard”s Site Stats, however I would like to see it was per the previously functionality in the email sent to advise of a new subscriber)……. thx to advise.

    The blog I need help with is


    If they are a user, and are logged into their account, I don’t thing there email address is given since that email address is part of their account information here and wordpress keeps that stuff private.

    If you go to site stats in your dashboard and then go down to the “Total, Followers & Shares” section and click on the link where it says, “891 blog followers.” then you can review your followers. The blog followers will not show the email address, but if you click on “email followers” at the top of the followers page, then you will see the email addresses.


    I’ve noticed the same thing. Email subscribers (ie not Word Press users) are now announced anonymously: “someone is now following…” and you no longer get that delightful snippet after their email address “…and they appear to be from [town, country].” As someone who blogs on issues in various countries, I quite liked knowing where my followers were from.



    Yes, as per landscapelover’s comments……I’d like to see the return of the email notification snippet with the email address and which town/country it’s from. Can that be returned?


    This is likely a privacy issue.


    To be honest I find that sometimes it doesn’t even show the email address of who followed my blog anywhere in the dashboard.

    I have had a few email notifications saying that someone is following my blog but my number of followers hasn’t changed. There is also no email additional email address in the email followers list.

    This happened to me just now.



    I also believe this may be a rpivacy issue. Those who purchased domains may choose to purchase a “masked domain” AKA private domain registration. In those cases we do not get the email address.



    I also find this annoying. If I can go to my blog and see their email, and they have chosen to get emails from me, it doesn’t seem like it should be a privacy issue.



    Let’s take one more run at this. Some people pay extra for “Private Domain Registrations” ie. domain masking

    If a follower submits an email address for the purpose of subscribing to and receiving blog posts only, that’s the only purpose their email address can be legally used for.


    @nh72 said,

    I also find this annoying. If I can go to my blog and see their email, and they have chosen to get emails from me, it doesn’t seem like it should be a privacy issue.

    It is a privacy issue when it goes out in a standard email that can be intercepted by gutter dwellers on the internet and then added to spammer lists from here to the edge of the universe.

    When it is shown inside of your dashboard, then it is inside the security perimeter that is and it is highly unlikely that anyone but you will ever see it.

    It is a privacy issue. Period.



    My objective is to try to see who it is who just subscribed when I get the email about “Someone”. This is currently not possible, because when I get the email notification and then go to view the “followers”, the dates and times of their subscription do not correspond to the when the notification emails arrived to me. So the most recent person to subscribe may actually show up as 25th on the list and there’s no way to tell who is “new”. Since I am “inviting” some people, I can go back to the invitation list and see when they accepted, but that does not help for people who have found me via some other means.



    Your objective will not be met as we explained above. Those who purchase “Private Domain Registrations” ie. domain masking purchase privacy.

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