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    Today, for the first time in nearly two monts, my email followers did not get an email about my blog, although it did publish as scheduled. What happened and how can I send them an email?

    The blog I need help with is



    I just realized that this is a post that I accidentally forgot to change the “2012” to “2013” when I scheduled it about 10 days ago. It sent out an email then although I did not want it to since the publication date was revised, and followers just clicked through to a “not found” message. Is there any way to re-send the email now that the post has actually published?


    I did that same thing- forgetting to change the year, but had not realized right away that a post notification went out instead of being scheduled. (I subscribe to my blog with a non-wordpress account so noticed the email when I checked gmail.)

    What I did was change the post date to a later time, making sure it is 2013, since I had done this before the end of 2012. I just edited it to make an apology at the top to my email subscribers for when they receive a second copy. No one had actually visited the page by that time that I am aware of. Looking at my list of posts now, it does say scheduled, so I assume the notification will go out at that time.

    Maybe someone can verify that a second email will go out?? I am only assuming on my part.



    That’s exactly what I did, but no email was sent when the post was published later. I didn’t know until email subscribers wrote to ask why they didn’t get their email. The only thing I could figure out to do, was to publish a post with just the explanation/apology, and then after it went out (via email) to my subscribers, I removed it from the site. Good luck!

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