Emails using my domain name except the domain registra can't provide the MX reco

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    My domain registra, Discount Domains, say they cannot provide me with the MX records and other such data that Word Press requires for a custom DNS to make my emails work.

    The background:
    I already own a domain
    It is registered with discount domains
    Discount Domains also provide me with email service at for my emails (email redacted) and (email redacted) etc.
    I have a blog with wordpress. It is
    I want my visitors to see the url
    I followed the wordpress instructions at to change the DNS servers. (I think this is slightly different to mapping my blog to my domain but similar effect)
    Discount domains changed the DNS servers as requested but didn’t provide me with the MX records etc for my emails first (even though I specifically requested it and talked about it on the phone)
    My website works fine but my emails ((email redacted)) do not.
    I have asked discount domains twice to provide what wordpress suggest in order to complete the steps described here

    but discount domains just tell me that:
    “You will need to get wordpress to setup an MX record of”

    “in the mean time you can logon to through a web browser and receive your mail this way.”

    Both statements seem to be incorrect. I can’t ask wordpress to setup an MX record as far as I can tell. And my webmail at is no longer receiving any emails. Test messages just time out after a few days.

    I’m lost. Can anyone help?

    My next plan to solve this problem is to convert my DNS servers back to discount domain so they have full access and control of everything and we can start again from the beginning. I think this might work because the tech guy on the phone seemed concerned that I was asking him to change the DNS servers. He said it would mean he can’t see anything to do with my domains once he changed them, implying he wouldn’t be able to provide me any support in the future.

    The blog I need help with is



    I think they have given you the information you need! Go to Store->Domains->Edit DNS and add the line


    the dot on the end is important here!

    Your email should work after this change propagates over the internet, which can take up to 72 hours.



    thank you tandava108. you were right, it worked

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