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Emails when comments are posted

  1. I've started to receive two emails every time somebody posts a comment on my blog. One is of the same format I always got, but another now comes which quotes a huge chunk of the blog post as well as the comment and is therefore tediously long.

    Why am I now getting these pointless duplicates?

    And can I return to just getting one without turning off email notifications altogether?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Lots of people are reporting this now.

  3. I've been receiving emails today when blogs I've commented on have received other comments too. Never had that before.

  4. Me too. I see no way to fix it. Looks like it is a WordPress issue.
    How do we know if administrators are on this?

  5. There IS no way to fix it. It's something staff are doing. They are aware of it.

    If you want to vent to staff, you can use your dashboard Help button, provided you have at least one paid upgrade; otherwise the report won't go through.

  6. Here's how I've handled it. If you go to your dashboard, then home, click on the "Blogs / Follow" link.

    You'll see "Sites", "Comments" and "Settings". Click on comments, and a list of everyone whose comments you're "following" will open. Untick all the boxes, and that will be the end of comments from those blogs.

    I've done that about four times today. Eventually, the email avalanche should begin to slow as you eliminate blogs from your "comment follow" list.

    It's awkward and time-consuming, but at least it seems to be a way to work around this new (ahem) genius idea.

  7. @ Raincoaster: Wow, I never knew about the special privilege of having "one paid upgrade". Do you have a favorite upgrade?

    Thanx for the info

  8. It never used to work this way, and I think it's a terrible system. They say it's only "till we catch up" but my money is on that never happening. They shoudl simply hire more staff.

    My favorite upgrade is the custom domain name, but then I'm egotistical. My least favorite is Custom Design, because nobody knows how to use it and they expect us to help with it.

  9. This is not quite the point, however. I get two notifications of comments on my own blog, not other people's!

    I'm sure this is a wordpress bug.

  10. This is not quite the point, however. I get two notifications of comments on my own blog, not other people's!

    I'm sure this is a wordpress bug.

  11. Yes of course it's a WP bug. That's what we've been saying, in this thread and dozens of others.

  12. I have two blogs, one that I want to be notified of comments by email and one that I don't. I am now getting notified of comments by email for the one that I don't in addition to the one that I do. What I found is that I can go through and delete the new post as one to receive emails but will I have to do this forever. My two blogs are and This is very annoying, can the problem be solved?

  13. Not while staff are still tinkering.

  14. thekalechronicles

    I just want to register my dislike of both practices mentioned above. One, I dislike getting two copies of every comment made on my own blog (in slightly different forms) instead of one copy. Two, I dislike having to consciously "un-check" the comment receiving form on every blog I read so as not to be inundated with email.

  15. accessiblenorth

    The current approach strikes me as a certain way to discourage people from ever commenting again, and from ever "Following."

    I discovered that one of the options I could check in the "Reader" was to block all email from other blogs, which is not what I wished to do. I wished to be able to choose when to receive emails of followup--not to be forced into an automatic all-or-nothing. I ended up not "Following" any blogs at all, but using RSS feeds instead.

    WordPress does so many things right--Look! I can format this Reply without having to type code! I like that!--but then turns around and does some things so very, very wrong. I do not like that.

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