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Embed a slideshow as a header

  1. retnamusicblog

    Does anyone know of a plugin, or a proper way to edit the CSS of a theme to allow for an embedded moving slide show to always be displayed at the top of my page? I've been using the RockYou! flash slideshows that embed fine within posts.
    I want it to be a permanent fixture of the blog not something I need to post everyday.
    NOT a widget either but a moving banner at the top.

  2. Perhaps this thread will be helpful

  3. retnamusicblog

    This helps thanks!
    But I have a moving slideshow that is a lot more dynamic than just a changing banner when you refresh or reload. I want it to be like a visual stock ticker in a way. I can upload the newest images to the collection and they will appear like a live feed on the site.

  4. I don't think you can do that in a header on, not even animated gifs in headers.

  5. retnamusicblog

    It doesn't have to be "the" header but some kind of banner or table below the header where I can have this flash content embedded as a permanent fixture. You can have an animated .gif as a header but only with certain themes.

  6. That'd involve scripting, which will be stripped out of any changes you make to a hosted a script, for security. I wanted to use a resized version of the animated header from my homesite on my wordpress blog, but even as a .gif it only shows the first frame. Using a paid host would allow you to edit the html code in the header section to include the script which feeds your live banner.

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