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embed a voting link on posts

  1. @drmike
    I belong to progressive bloggers. They have a voting system that allows readers to read a post on your blog and vote on it. They provide some script you put on your blog after each post to enable this. I don't really understand how to proceed to accomplish this. One of the options uses javascript but not all do. I tried to used the one that said it was for wordpress without success. Can you please help me with it?

  2. Doesn't look too hard. Let's use this post as an example:

    What you would want to do is at the end of the post, add in the following:

    <a href="">Vote for this Post over at Progressive Bloggers</a>

    Please note how I used the URL from your Post in the link

  3. So okay I know this should be easy. Coyotes is not the correct blog to use BTW. I tried this on but somehow I've screwed up the code because the link is not "live".

  4. Gone to look.

    Just for reference though, you also have to login in at Meebo for the widget to show you as online. :)

  5. I fixed your link. Let me know if you understand how I did it.

  6. (1) DUH - I just "fixed" my link too. I decided their instrcution were stupid so. I linked to this

    Now I'm not at all sure what you did ACK! lol

    (2) meebome - Do I have to log-in every time I'm online and the log-out again? I'll bet I have to (hmmm well, maybe I'll treat it like a phone message machine).

  7. meebome - It like when you use an IM. I've logging into Meebome and giving it my IM logins. (ie AIM, ICQ, etc) When I login into Meebome, it logs you into the IM services. That way you only have to log into just the one service.

    It's like Gaim if your familiar with that, just webbased though.


  8. Okay I don't have any of those accounts or know what any of those thingees are about. My sibling gave me a headset and wanted mee to use the windows messenger thingee - I tried it several times - both by the typing method and the headset thingee - I absolutely hated it.

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