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    On August 18, 2008 CNN announced embedding option for their videos. Only certain videos such as YouTube are allowed on WordPress currently. It would be nice to develop and implement a code for embedding CNN videos.

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    You might be able to import them using the vodpod button http://vodpod/wordpress/ .


    I tried Vodpod with CNN, but it does not work. It is possible to post YouTube videos with Vodpod (no reason to do this since we have youtube tag on WordPress, but I tried it just for testing purposes), but Vodpod does not recognize CNN videos even when you post the embed code (iframe).



    That’s very unusual. That would be the first case of which I’ve heard vodpod failed to work with a relatively mainstream embed. Are you using the button or the widget? If the button won’t work, maybe the widget will.


    Some time ago, someone from vodpod actually posted that WordPress had asked them to limit the wordpress button to flash files only (for video) and that iframes and javascript has been excluded.



    Ah, that’s what it is then. Silly of CNN to do that then, since their actual blogs are here and you’d assume the right hand would know what the left is doing.

    Mind you, releasing your material in formats most people cannot use is THE THING this year. Look at Hulu or any number of “only in the USA” formats. What do they care if someone in Iceland can watch, really?


    MSM is getting quite paranoid about people taking and using their videos which is probably why they have done it that way. It wasn’t too long ago that they didn’t even allow embedding of their videos. You watched them on their site, or you didn’t watch them at all. With the embeds, they know exactly where their videos are posted.



    Well, I hope they enjoy catering to only 23% of the world and pissing off the rest. Let them TRY to market their stuff overseas when nobody’s ever heard of their stars in the first place and see where it gets them.


    Any work around for this yet?



    The way to tell if something formerly disabled has been enabled is to:

    1) do a forum and FAQ search

    2) read the WordPress.com official blog

    3) try it.

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