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embed Google Map?

  1. We're not the dumbest people in the world - but this is confounding us.

    We're trying to embed this map ( in a post on our blog.

    We have been emailing with the map creator, and he sent us iframes code for it, which doesn't work on WordPress apparently, and also this link, which doesn't work:,29.882813&spn=132.967849,335.742188&z=2&output=embed

    and this link, which also doesn't work:

    None actually puts an embed of the map on our draft post in WordPress.

    What are we missing? He seems to think we're retarded at this point, but we're not so sure... (we aren't professional coders, like he is, though).

    Thanks for any and all help,
    Oceanwire blog

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Well, he's not actually using a standard Google Map. He's using a special overlay technology that is NOT supported by and thus it's unembeddable, for security reasons, just like a Community Walk map overlay.

    You can embed Google Maps. You just can't embed maps with these kinds of overlays on them.

  3. Okay - that explains a lot. Many thanks - there was frustration all around, and now you've dispersed it all.

  4. Thanks. You can't add a dynamic overlay, but if you can make a png or jpg out of the image and upload that, you can use it. It'll be static though.

  5. hi, I have a query similar to the above one here, about embedding google maps into my post to allow my viewers to view the location i am writing about.

    By definition i assume that WP allows you to put the actual map (like how you view it and can navigate it on google maps) into your post. However, when i follow the instruction to the T in the help provided at
    all that my viewers get to see is a long string of code in my post. Is this how its supposed to work? Not sure if i am missing something here. Can someone help elaborate on how to embed the actual map (and not just the code) into a post? Thanks, Bhaven

  6. Sometimes things need to go in the HTML editor or the visual editor. This has to go in the HTML editor (it's a tab at the top of the Write Post box).

  7. Cool, that worked, thank so much:)

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