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Embed Links in Comments

  1. Is there a way to embed links within comments section on a blog?

    Not spam --> Related resources for other readers of the blog that I would like to comment on. Thank you in advance for time and help!

  2. No, there's not. You could always just post a comment yourself with the links, though.

  3. Are you talking about image files? Then no, you can't.

    You can ask the owner of the blog to modify your comments to embed your links. Otherwise, only YouTubes (and perhaps other video?) can be embedded.

  4. You can submit links in comments and it's up to the other blogger to moderate comments and choose whether to not to approve your comments.
    To avoid having my blog spammed, I have my blog set up so that more than 1 link in a comment sends it into the Moderation queue. See the Discussion Settings support page for more information about this.

  5. g' afternoon staked

    I meant embed your images (not links)

  6. Great! I will include the link, and hope the moderator adjusts. Many thanks for everyone's prompt responses! : )

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