Embed live clock in widget on a blog?

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    This might just be possible. Because now one can embed a live clock in a post but only if you have Vod:Pods button installed in your toolbar. The problem is: how do I get the clock into a widget?

    I have a live clock here in a post:


    I got it from ClockLink:


    This is what I did:

    1. Click the Clock that you want
    2. Set the time and colour
    3. Copy the second embed code option
    4. Click the VodPod button on your pc toolbar
    5. Edit on the VodPod site that opens: it shows an other clock than the one you picked or customized. Click the link that says “Click if you’re having trouble”. Delete the code written there and insert the embed code you just copied
    6. Click publish
    7. Wait for it. The publishing might be delayed in this case


    To do more editing:

    8. Go to your blog, click edit and click on the commercials so that they get marked as pictures do. Cut them out. They can’t be deleted letter by letter
    9. Click the code tab to re-size the clock – change the values for width and height written in the middle of the code text
    10. Publish again

    And this is where I need help: how do I get the clock into a widget? The widget prepared for Vod:Pod can’t do it. Or more accurate: I couldn’t do it. :-)

    What code should I write in front and after the VodPod embed link? If I can get it displayed in a post, I should be able to get it displayed in a widget since VodPod is allowed?

    I hope…

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