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    I like the new Mapkit widget that allows you to put a map in the sidebar. On the Platial site you have the option of making your map wider if you want, but of course then it does not fit in the sidebar.

    I would like to create a separate page in my blog and embed a wider version of the Mapkit map so that people can see more detail. I tried creating a page and pasting the HTML code provided at the Platial Mapkit site into it, but when I save the page some of the HTML code seems to be stripped out and no map appears on the page. Any ideas on how to do this?



    You are probably going to be out of luck on this, since i’m pretty sure the stand-alone (non-widget) mapkit uses scripting that we can’t use here on wordpress.com due to security issues.

    You may want to direct this question to the folks at Platial, though. They are very responsive, and they have been working on a number of things at their site. They may not even realize this is something wp.com folks might want.



    iheartmaps is registered with wordpress.com works for PlatialMapkit and has previously responded in another thread
    She has also supplied her email address tracy ( at ) platial ( dot ) com

    [Email address mudged – drmike]



    Hey, let me know if iheartmaps comes up with anything, i’d love to put a mapkit on a wordpress page all its own.



    Me too: it makes my blog too slow to load on this ancient stone tablet of a computer, but it’s a really nifty widget and I’d like to have it on its own page.



    Hi guys. Sorry I have been neglecting the forum for a while. We just launched a completely new version of the entire site and have been working like crazy for the past few weeks. The dust is beginning to settle now!

    Putting MapKit on its own WP page isn’t possible yet. WordPress is pretty strict and protective about what it allows on the site. It’s something you would have to talk about with the WordPress team.

    If you mainly want to link to a big map from your blog, you could put “platial.com” in the “what site does this live on” box and then put the link in your blog side bar. That doesn’t give you any control over the look of the page or allow you to easily link back to your main blog page, though.

    The loading time should improve when we get our new hardware up and running (any day now!)

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