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    I have tried every way wordpress has suggested and it is not embedding. I want to be able to embed audio and video urls that will NOT leave my page but play on them. Like as shown here- http://clickwp.com/blog/wordpress-36-features/ listed under spotify. It shows that it can be done -you press the play and it plays – it doesn’t take you to another site.

    Is there any way to accomplish this? I am using the free wordpress and I have tried several different themes to no avail. Help please.

    The blog I need help with is thekidzplace.wordpress.com.



    Stop reading instructions intended for the WordPress.ORG version of the software. As you have seen, they do not work for your WordPress.COM version of the software.

    A quick search of the Support documents here gives you the full instructions http://en.support.wordpress.com/?s=audio



    I have read all the information and support on WordPress.com including the link you posted. I am not stupid. I have tried all of the recommended solutions to no avail. That is why I am here. Everything I have tried it does not embed the audio file but provides a redirect to spotify.



    Then you are doing it incorrectly OR you are trying to embed files which have been made available ONLY on Spotify itself http://en.support.wordpress.com/audio/spotify/



    No I am doing it correctly –
    Step 1 – Right click on song
    Step 2 – Select Copy Spotify Url
    Step 3 – Go to your WordPress.com Visual page not Text page
    Step 4 – Paste the link onto a line by itself
    Step 5 – Make sure it is not hyperlinked, if so unlink.
    Step 6 – Save page

    Alternative method – using shortcode
    Same as above until step 4
    Step 4 – Use shortcode with bracket as an example
    [spotify paste URL here ]
    Step 5&6 same

    Another alternative is using the audio shortcode. I have tried all three with different theme pages and none of them work for spotify.

    Go look at my page and view source, it is correct just not working.



    What exact Spotify URL are you using? What is the URL of the page or post you’re trying to put it in? What is the shortcode code you are using?



    my page is thekidzplace.wordpress.com
    url is https://play.spotify.com/track/34mbh7LOc3zBLYOf8W2ipM
    I have tried all of the methods – just entering the url, using spotify shortcode, using audio shortcode

    It redirects to Spotify instead of playing on the page. I have no trouble embedding videos.



    That link leads me to an announcement that Spotify hasn’t launched in my country yet, so i am at the limit of what I can do for you. Perhaps someone else can help, but you will have to answer the questions I asked above, giving the exact shortcode, etc here so we can look at them.

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