Embed Password in URL for Paassword Protected Pages

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    I am trying to provide a private area for users in my page. Configuring it was something easy. But it’s not very cool to send the same password to all our users (more than 1000).

    So, I am trying to do something like those Google Services visibility options > “Share to anyone with the link”. I am just figuring out how could I embed the password into the URL. Doing so, I would have the same kind of solution in a more elegant manner.

    I am thinking about using POST or GET methods… But not sure about how could this be done in WordPress URLs…

    Any help on this?

    Thank you in advanced!

    The blog I need help with is web.ateneonavarro.es.


    Hello? Anyone can help on this?

    The blog address is also http://ateneonavarro.wordpress.com



    Hi there,

    I am not sure if what you want to do is possible, but let me double-check and get back to you!




    Hi again,

    While modifying the POST or GET methods on a WordPress.com site isn’t possible, setting that post or page to password-protected will effectively protect it for your viewers with the password – as you noted above.

    Currently, that is our recommendation for achieving what you want done in this scenario.



    Ok, Zandyring, so there is no possible way to embed passwords in wordpress.com URIs…

    In that case, let me suggest this feature (maybe not necessary in the way I proposed before) for future improvements. I do believe it’s a pretty simple and secure way for sharing that kind of content and minimising management tasks.

    Thank you sincerely, cheers!



    Hi again,

    Thanks for the feedback! We take user suggestions seriously, so I will definitely submit this for review.


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