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    Is it there is a way we embed a shockwave object into our wordpress.com blog?

    I mean, not videos. Like I have some games or application in Shockwaves and I wanna embed them in my wordpress.com blog. Is it true that I can’t do that except I upgrade or upload my wordpress blog in my own domain?



    No, there is not a way to add shockwave objects on a WP.com blog. The only upgrade that would allow this is the VIP upgrade, which costs several hundred dollars per month and is designed for blogs getting millions of hits.

    If you have an independent blog, you can do whatever you want with it. Note that is NOT the same as buying the domain upgrade; if you buy that, you still can’t add shockwave objects.

    You CAN put them in the Vodpod widget if they’re videos.



    So I still can’t embed Shockwave Objects even if I choose to upgrade my wordpress.com blog? Maybe it can using VIP upgrade, but it’s costs hundred dollars per month? Hooo…

    Then the only way is just I must have an independent blog if I wanna embed Shockwave Objects.

    Okay, thank u very much Mr Raincoster… :)

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