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Embed SkyDrive photo album in a blog

  1. I tried embedding a SkyDrive album in my blog, and realized that the "iframe" tags were stripped off. As a result, the blog post simply shows a URL. Is there a way to actually show the album inline?

    I looked up and it seems like the "Office" docs have a better translation in wordpress so their iframes get converted to an <office> link, but does not seem to be the case for pictures.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If your imported your livespsace blog content way back when there was a 6 month window of opportunity to do so then if the pictures were part of a Post they imported with the Post but if they were part of an album they were not imported. I'm not clear on what to do about them now and suspect you will need Staff to provide a definitive answer. Iframes cannot be embdeed into our blogs for security reasons.

  3. There was no access to Windows Live Spaces migrations as of March of 2011. Perhaps what you can do is create a custom menu and include a custom link to your image album on SkyDrive in it.

  4. No, this is a new blog. I just happen to store my pictures on SkyDrive. They offer an embed code. If not iframe, what is the best way to "embed" a folder of pictures hosted elsewhere and not on WordPress?

  5. These are the options we have for upoadingg documents and for embedding documents.
    Please see here for accepted file types >
    Please see here for instructions for uploading documents >

    Note: The following processes are outlined particularly for users who wish to upload a document and add its download link to a blog post or page. If you are seeking to simply upload a document to your blog’s Media Library (no download link), you can check out Media -> Add New in your dashboard.

    If you want to embed the document itself, you will have to use a third party application like Scribd or Google Docs. Otherwise, the documents will appear as a download link.
    See here:

  6. Thanks. All these are not applicable in my case. I am not trying to upload documents or embed picture album. None of the links will directly help me :-(

    Also, for uploading docs, Scribd and GDocs are not the only alternatives. SkyDrive links are converted to "Office src" links. However, I am looking to embed SkyDrive album/folder :-(

  7. I provided everything that is possible on a free hosted blog above. I'm sorry what I posted does not suit you.

  8. Some sites provide iframes as well as "older" embed codes. Does Skydrive provide any such alternatives?

  9. @justpi: will look for them, don't think they have such a thing, though.

    @timethief: hope my remark was not misunderstood as dismissive, I was just clarifying that I am looking to embed a photo album and not docs.

  10. Just noticed, Google Docs links are also iframe links. Wonder how/why those go through but the SkyDrive picture ones don't.

    fwiw, this is not for a site, it is for my custom domain site.

    Is there a premium offering which *can* let me embed such links?

  11. There is no such upgrade other than the VIP plan, which costs $600 or so. Google Docs have a special exemption from staff: you can see all such codes in the Support docs under "Codes".

  12. Thanks, @raincoaster. Wish a similar shortcode was made for SkyDrive images/albums. Will try to find the feature suggestion forum (clearly, I am a n00b here :-) ) to have that requested.

    Just curious, if it is a self-hosted wp site, all bets are off, right? iframe *could* work for any embed link then? The reason I ask, I have seen this album displayed inline on another blog, but it is not a blog, it is a self-hosted WP site.

  13. Ok, so here's the (temporary?) solution. Use Windows Live Writer to open the post, and instead of inserting the iframe embed code, use the in-built "Add Picture" feature and go with the option of "Add Online Album". This runs the code to individually link to each picture in that album and also creates a nice gallery/slideshow capability.


  14. Yes, self-hosted sites can do this.

    Interesting workaround, thanks for that. I wouldn't be surprised if staff disable that at some point though. They're VERY security conscious here.

  15. @raincoaster: I don't think it is bypassing security in any way. It is creating links to pics on the web, which WP supports anyway. The embed code simply links to the SkyDrive album, whereas the WLW feature brings each picture's URL into the post along with the prettification. I think this should work, although I'd love to not have to depend on WLW for posting albums.

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