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Embed utube video?

  1. I found the bar with all the media options, but when I put a youtube url in it just makes it a link.

    I also tried a self edit with the outer brackets, but this too just shows up as text.

  2. Here's the coding. You have to go into the Coding mode of the post.
    I had problems with it too

    [youtube=http://PUT THE YOUTUBE LINK HERE]

  3. Not working still. I went into html tab, and did the advised above, clicked on preview and only text is showing.

  4. Can you show the code?
    I'll take a look again at mine ...

  5. Youtube shortcodes should work exactly as before.

  6. Ok, when comparing the code to previously embeded video the html view font appears slightly larger (more spread out) than looking under "visual."

    I have tried a series of different things.
    I began with the new button (this just creates a hyperlink to youtube)
    I tried to put the "embed" link from youtube in with the new video button, no go
    I tried to go straight to html, and add [ ] around the page of the video - with youtube=(my video page was inserted here) - as seen above

    (I just added spaces in the w's , the closed full link is what I've been trying to put on the blog)

  7. That's odd. I just tried your YouTube link (after closing the space). I hit Preview and was able to play the vid (PhotoShop music vid of a large woman being un-larged).

  8. Did the same thing and the video showed up also.

  9. It's a conspiracy against me! LOL

    I believe you all. I'll keep putzing with it I guess.

    I'll check back here in a bit.

  10. Oh, now it's working.

    Don't be running away with the magic wand. I'm sure I'll have some other issue shortly;)

    Just so you know, preview would not show the video. I had to republish and view the site to see it.



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