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    Can no longer embed youtube URLS – only the link appears and not the youtube itself. Was working until the problem with log in icons was corrected.
    Blog url: http://heyokapatriots.wordpress.com/


    I discovered the problem. Initially you could embed a youtube by copying the url at the top of your browser – now you have to click the share button on the youtube and copy the url that appears in the box on the left hand side for it to work.


    Something strange is going on because now I can post by copying the url at the top of the browser – guess someone at WP is making some changes.



    I always use the youtube shortcode and have zero issues. It works every time.

    Make sure the YouTube link is not hyperlinked. http://en.support.wordpress.com/videos/youtube/#troubleshooting


    Thanks timethief. You are so fast in your responses and I do appreciate that. Old habits are hard to break but in the future I will also start using the shortcode and have instructed my users to do the same. Hopefully we won’t have any more problems :)

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