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Embedded Audio Player Not Functioning

  1. kamertunesblog

    Hi there. I noticed today that the embedded audio player is not functioning properly. I've embedded a couple of music clips in each of my nearly 100 posts, and they've always worked until today. I enter them as [audio http://xxxxx.mp3%5D and the player appears in the post, but now they all appear as "Download: xxxxx.mp3 (with the file name hyperlinked). All of these files are hosted by Fileden, and my account with them is active. Has the set-up of audio files suddenly changed at WordPress, or is there just a temporary glitch? I'm ready to upload my next post but would like to have this issue resolved before doing so. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. kamertunesblog

    In case no one in this forum is able to help with my question, how do I get in touch with the WordPress staff? And how long should I wait before contacting them? I'm sure my fellow bloggers understand how eager I am to upload my latest post, but I don't want to do that until this issue is resolved.

  3. I have the same problem , it appears the popular mp3 format is no longer supported by the popular browsers anymore.

    By the looks of it we can count out firefox completely & as for explorer it only supports version 10 which means I would have to upgrade windows first, there is chrome of safari , but who uses those.

    I have personally put literally months of work using the audio mp3 codes in various formats in many blog posts only to find out the most popular browsers no longer support the audio player using the mp3 format now.

    I hope I'm mistaken & I wake up tomorrow to find out this is something temporary, or bug of some sort relating to flash.

  4. kamertunesblog

    Thanks for the feedback. I can't imagine that they're no longer supporting the mp3 format. I tried viewing the embedded player on Firefox (my default browser), Internet Explorer and Safari (on my wife's Mac), I either see a hyperlink to the Fileden file or the space is blank. I have to imagine this is a WordPress issue and not something to do with browser compatibility. I'll keep searching for an answer and will post it here if I find it.

    I put a note at the top of my latest post, alerting my readers to the issue with the embedded player. Maybe one of them will have some suggestions.

  5. thanhthuylieutrai

    I have the same problem with:

  6. We can't help without specifics. Please give us a direct link to a specific post that has this issue.

  7. Oh, and also the exact URL of the MP3.

  8. elsudacarenegau

    Tengo el mismo problema.
    La dirección del archivo es

    el código [audio=]
    no incrusta el reproductor:

  9. kamertunesblog

    As far as I can tell, every post I've written that includes an embedded audio file has been affected. Here's a link to my latest post:

    And here's the URL for one of the two MP3s included in this post:

    Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. I also want to reiterate that the audio player was working fine just a few days ago, so this is a relatively new problem.

  10. kamertunesblog

    FYI, when I embed the audio player, it looks like this (using the URL provided in my last message):


  11. kamertunesblog

    There should be a closed bracket at the end of that URL, not %5D as indicated above.

  12. Hmm, have you always included parentheses in your URLs?

  13. thanhthuylieutrai

    Before it used to show the "play" button. Now it shows, for example:

    Download: 10-bao-gie1bb9d-bie1babft-tc6b0c6a1ng-tc6b0.mp3

    and it happened to all my posts that have audio, even though I did not change anything. Chrome does not support this at all, so on Chrome, there is no "play" button, nor the "download" version. It just a blank space. Please help.

  14. elsudacarenegau

  15. elsudacarenegau

    ops... pantallazo

  16. I'm guessing it's a WP issue, not a matter of not supporting MP3 files.

    I've had the same problem today on my blog , and I've got the space upgrade, and have uploaded the file into my media library. I cannot insert the newest .mp3 I've just made, and, the player has vanished from the other posts I've used it on.

  17. Raincoaster, I've always used brackets for my audio URLs in order to get the embedded player. It looks like I'm not the only person experiencing this new issue with embedding MP3s, based on the comments from thanhthuylieutrai and jfn2nd above. Hopefully someone at WordPress can figure out the issue. Thanks for looking into it for us.

  18. Sorry for the trouble! We're looking into this.

  19. I have the exact same problem.. all my audio content are now unavaible. And my blog is a musical blog.
    I hope macmanx will find a rapid solution.

  20. No need to let us know if you have the same problem. We're aware that it's affecting any blog with embedded .mp3 files when the viewer is using either Chrome or Firefox.

    The issue has been reported to our developers, and we'll let you know in this thread when it's fixed.

  21. I use Safari, and run on Mac, and I have the issue also.

  22. Thanks for letting us know!

  23. We're aware that it's affecting any blog with embedded .mp3 files when the viewer is using either Chrome or Firefox.

    Opera (last version, 12.14) and Safari (last version too) run on Windows 7.... the same problem. :(

  24. This is all fixed up now, sorry again for the trouble!

    We have had to temporarily disable the Flash player. If your browser does not natively support the type of embedded audio file, you'll see a download link instead.

    You can see a chart depicting supported audio file types by browser at

  25. We have had to temporarily disable the Flash player.

    temporarily...I hope.

    In Opera, Firefox, Chromium (not Chrome, Chromium) I see a download link. :(

  26. Any idea how "temporary" this is? In Firefox I'm still showing a download link. I suppose some of my readers will be able to use the embedded player, but I'll feel more confident when it's working on my browser as well.

    Thanks for working on this, as it's obvious that a lot of us use MP3s on our blogs and we all hope to be back to normal soon.

  27. kamertunesblog

    Hoping to wake up tomorrow & find this resolved for all browsers. Thanks for working on this, WordPress staff...and happy Easter to you & my fellow bloggers.

  28. It appears the player using mp3 audio format works on Chrome. I was forced to install chrome to see if the audio player displays & it does only with a different appearance now, which indicates flash is no longer disabled , nevertheless my only conclusion remains the same & that is the support for the player using firefox is no longer available nor is anything less than explorer 10.

    Well it certainly appears this is the case if one looks at the support page again.

  29. Sorry for the confusion on the chart, IE 9 also supports .mp3 natively. The chart actually covers most versions of each browser.

    As for the Flash player, it's temporarily disabled while we investigate a potential security issue with it.

    The browsers' natively players do not share the same security issue, so as long as you're viewing an audio file in a browser that supports it, you'll see a player. If not, you'll see a download link.

    The Flash player will return as soon as we're confident that the Flash player itself is safe, until then, the folks who are using a browser which does not natively support the embedded format will see a download link instead.

    Just to keep the list here, at this time:

    Chrome natively supports: .mp3, .m4a, .wav, and .ogg.

    Safari natively supports: .mp3, .m4a, .wav, but not .ogg (which will display a download link).

    Firefox natively supports: .wav and .ogg, but not .mp3 and .m4a (which will both display a download link).

    Opera natively supports: .wav and .ogg, but not .mp3 and .m4a (which will both display a download link).

    Internet Explorer natively supports: .mp3, but not .m4a, .wav, and .ogg (which will all display a download link).

    What formats a browser chooses to natively support is entirely up to the browser's developers, we have no control over that.

    Until now, we have given the Flash player precedence, fallen back to the browser's native player when Flash isn't available, and then fallen back to the Download link when the format is not supported by the browser.

    With the Flash player temporarily disabled for security concerns, we are giving the browser's native player precedence and falling back to the Download link when the format is not supported by the browser.

    Whether it's via an embedded player or a Download link, all of your viewers will be able to play the audio files.

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