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    I have searched and read several forum discussions on this many times. No matter what hosting service I use (Mediafire, Fileden, Box, etc.) the audio doesn’t play and buffers forever. On the website, go to Media > Audio to check it out. I never get an error, it just buffers…. forever! Any suggestions? Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is thenashvilleartsproject.wordpress.com.


    The sourcecode of your page shows this as the URL you’ve used:
    Those percentage-25-20s are doubly (that is, badly) encoded spaces. So for starters re-upload the file after you rename it “HainesToccata01.mp3” and try the new URL you’ll get.


    Problem solved… switched over to Fileden and got a better URL and it works! Just FYI, there are a lot of ads on Fileden, but it works once you get past all that.



    Audios here still buffering: http://thenashvilleartsproject.wordpress.com/audio/
    Aren’t you’re talking about this page?
    (By the way, please correct the mis-spelled “Tocatta”.)

    As I said, you’d better avoid filenames with spaces and other punctuation.

    Fileden is good – in fact, one of the very few sites that give direct URLs. I didn’t mention it because you said you had tried it.

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