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  1. Regarding bahiasailracing....

    I am having trouble with the contact form on the "Request Support" page. When I test it, the form works and I receive the Feedback at the e-mail address I've specified. But, if more than one person fills out the contact form (2 different people fill out the form at 2 different times), only one form is sent to the e-mail address.

    I just had 3 people submit forms and only one form made it to the e-mail address. The other 2 appear in the Feedback tab but they were not e-mailed.

    Any ideas why I'm having trouble?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did you check the spam/junk mail folders on your email client?
    And, did you whitelist email from

  3. The spam/junk mail folders are empty in [email redacted] which is where I have the contact forms go.

    I'm not familiar with how to "whitelist". How would I do that?

    It's odd that one of the iterations of the Contact Form passes right through and others don't. Today I received one submission, but discovered 2 more on the Feedback screen that did not appear to get sent. When I do a simple test (fill out a few lines on the form and then hit submit) it works every time.

    By the way, thanks for the quick response. Hope you can help me figure this one out.

  4. I can't assist with this issue so I tagged the thread for Staff attention. Please subscribe to it so your are notified when they answer.

  5. exactly do I "subscribe to it so I am notified when they answer"

  6. Hi there,

    Did you remove your form? I don't see it on your site (but I may be looking in the wrong location).


  7. The Blog is the Bahia Sail Racing Association. The form is still there.

    I had originally set the form up to send feedbacks to the Association's website on (which is the blog's contact e-mail)...and then set up gmail to autoforward to my personal e-mail.

    I recently changed the contact form to send feedback directly to my personal e-mail. I tested it and it worked.

    BUT...I had tested it before with gmail and it worked I'm not sure if I've fixed it or if the problem is still there.

    The problem was I'd receive "some" of the feedbacks, but not all.

  8. Is it possible that the contact form's contents would show up in the blog's Feedbacks even if the person filling out the form doesn't click the Submit button?

    I've noticed that the Submit button doesn't work like most other website button. I'm used to seeing the button "click" visually. The one on the contact form doesn't.

    I'm wondering if the Feedbacks I don't get are simply a result of people thinking they submitted the form but didn't actually click the Submit button correctly.

  9. Hi there,

    To address the missing contact form submission issue first - can you confirm that when you updated the email address associated with your contact form, you clicked on the "add form" icon next to the Add Media button, switched to Email Notifications and made the edit there?

    I pulled your contact form info into a test blog and set it to my email address using that method and tested - so far so good!

    So let's see what we can narrow down here.


  10. Yes...that is correct...and then after making the change, I saved and then Updated the Page.

    The issue is that some form submissions make their way to my e-mail but some don't. Yet, when I look at Dashboard/Feedbacks, all of the submissions are there.

    I also tried a number of test submissions and it worked fine. That's what has me puzzled.

    Thanks for looking into this.

  11. As a follow-up...

    If you look at the Feedback tab on the Dashboard you'll see the last 2. The one from Max reached my e-mail. The one from Cole did not. That was before I changed the E-Mail Notification to go directly to my personal e-mail instead of Gmail...they should have gone to Gmail and then to my personal email

    I had Gmail set up to do an autoforward from it to my personal e-mail. I'm not sure if this was the culprit. That's why I changed the Notification to go directy to my personal e-mail.

    I then submitted 4 forms in a row. All came to my personal email. (I then deleted them from Feedback).

  12. Could you check your spam folder just as a precaution? Something about this sounds a lot like an email getting caught in the spam filter.

    Thank you for these detailed posts - they are tremendously helpful!

  13. The Spam folder in Gmail is empty...and the Junk Mail in my personal e-mail (Windows Mail) is also empty.

    As I noted earlier in this thread, it is odd that some of the Feedbacks worked (from Contact Form to Gmail to personal e-mail) and some didn't.

    Can you verify that the E-Mail notification is set to my personal e-mail as opposed to Gmail? I assume it is since I did 4 tests and they all worked. I looked in the Gmail account and it didn't contain the tests anyplace so again I assume the feedback went straight to my personal e-mail.

    At this point, I'm thinking to place this issue on temporary hold until I get more submissions and see whether they work or not. Any way to reconnect with you directly if the problem re-surfaces?

  14. I'll mark this thread "pending" (I see that, you won't have to do anything), and then you can come back to this thread again when you have more email submissions. Ok?

    The form builder doesn't show me the email address associated with it. You could also try switching it back to your Gmail account temporarily and see if responses come in there.


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